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Acharya Deepanshu
Acharya Deepanshu

DsK Astrology is the most authentic website for Handwritten Reports on the basis of Astrology. This is the company that beliefs in giving predictions only after the holistic review of the kundli by the experienced real-life astrologer. Our main aim is to give relief and sort out every problem with the help of Astrological science. We believe 100% in Vedic Scriptures and thus follow the same in our predictive methods unlike other’s who fool the people for generating enormous money in life. This is the website that is completely owned by 18 years of experienced “Acharya Deepanshu” ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha) also popularly known as Astrologer DsK.

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गुरु गोचर 2021


Shani Gochar 2020

The name which has been a trademark for giving Genuine Information and Prediction based on Vedic Jyotish.

These days Vedic Jyotish is so popular in the entire world that, People from Western World come for learning this Mega Science.

Vedic Jyotish is nowadays a one spot solution for daily life problems.

Be at a problem of career or be at a delayed marriage problem, DsK Astrology ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha / Acharya Deepanshu ) resolves all with the help of Vedic Jyotish.

We at DsK Astrology ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha), performs rigorous efforts to correct the one’s chart(kundli) with the help of Special Technique – Birth Time Rectification (BTR).

This BTR technique helps those who don’t have the correct birth time.

In India, There are very few astrologers who do this technique full-proof and we are the one among them.

Sometimes you figured out that, without doing anything wrong, Every Wrong thing is happening to you.

Probably this is because of your past life deeds and there you need “PAST LIFE ASTROLOGY CONSULTATION”.

This Past life Consultation, will look into your immediate past life curses and gives you remedy to withstand against it positively.

We rarely give gemstones remedies because Gemstones are not directly linked to Astrology but to Ayurveda.

We have also made a video on this topic, You can check on our YT Channel.

Vedic Mantra is the best solution for any curses or problem hence we mainly recommend this to the clients in the proper way.

We regularly update the Jyotish – Astrological Topics on our Website, Social handles(FB, Instagram, Twitter), and YouTube Channel.

DsK Astrology ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha) has produced a great book on Kundli Milaan.

Where he disclosed the long-hidden truth behind the Nadi Dosh Cancellation. Therefore saved many couples from being Separated.

We have different online consultation services, which you can find in the Consultation Tab of this website.

You can directly message us on WhatsApp and start getting the Predictions and Remedies.

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