The Genealogy of Astrology

Astrology Foundation Course

 Benefits of Course

  • You will Understand the basics of Jyotish.
  • Golden Keys for Future Advance Courses on Jyotish.
  • No need to be proficient in Sanskrit. (English/Hindi).
  • You will learn how to relate things with Jyotish.
  • You will understand day-to-day Panchang Reading for Muhurat or Festival’s Correct Timing.
  • You will understand to Predict based on Bhav, Rashi & Grahas (Planets).
  • Basic Rules for Judging Horoscope/Astrology.
  • Q & A Session with every session.
  • Certificate, of course, will be given post Course.

Content of Course

1. Decoding Foundation of Panchang.
  • Tithi
  • Karana
  • Vaar
  • Nakshatra
  • Yog
2. Different Forms of Horoscope Charts.
  • North Indian vs South Indian.
3. Fortune Telling through Bhav/Houses.
  • Everything about All 12 bhavas.
  • Decoding Karakatva for each bhavas.
4. Fortune Telling through Rashi/Zodiac Signs.
  • Everything about All 12 Rashis/Signs.
  • Decoding Karakatva for each Rashi.
5. Fortune Telling through Grahas/Planets.
  • Everything about All 9 Grahas/Planets.
  • Decoding Karakatva for each Grahas.
6. The core of Different Laganas/Ascendants.
  • When to see Lagan/Ascendant Chart.
  • When to see Chandra/Moon Rashi Chart.
  • When to see Sun/Surya Lagan Chart.
  • When to see Dasa Lagan Chart.
7.Rules of Bhadhak/Maraka.
  • How to know if the planet is Badhak/Maraka.
  • Rules of Controlling the Badhak/Maraka.
8. Rules of Karaka.
  • Bhav Karaka
  • Yoga Karaka
  • Graha Karka
9. Rules of Bhavat Bhavam.
  • Rules of Bhavat Bhavam Concept
  • How to use it.
10. The crux of Combustion/Retrogression.
  • When to consider Combustion & Retrogression.
  • How to use them in Kundli.
11. Rules & Use of Dispositor.
  • Everything about Dispositor.
  • Crucial use of Dispositor.
12. Basic of Vimshottari Dasa (Most Important)
  • Basic of Dasa up to 3 levels.
  • How to relate with Planets/Grahas.
  • Basic Principals of Predictions.

Certificate to be presented post COURSE. The fee will be revealed soon.

Astrology course

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