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Mangal Dosha – Manglik Dosh in Astrology

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Mangal Dosh, often referred to as Manglik Dosh, is a concept in Vedic astrology that plays a significant role in marriage matchmaking. Here’s an attempt to explain it in simple terms.

Mangal Dosh is said to occur when the planet Mars (“Mangal” in Hindi) is in certain houses of the astrological birth chart, specifically the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of a person’s lunar chart. Mars is a planet associated with fiery energy, war, and aggression. When it is positioned in these houses, it’s believed to create conditions that can cause discord in marital life, delay in marriage, and other related issues.

The term “Manglik” is used for a person who has the Mangal Dosh in their birth chart. There’s a traditional belief that if a Manglik marries a non-Manglik, it can cause harm or even death to the non-Manglik partner, hence the saying “A Manglik should marry another Manglik.”

However, these beliefs and the extent of their effects vary widely and it’s important to consider that these are part of a complex system of astrology that should be interpreted by an experienced astrologer for the full picture.

In ancient astrological scriptures, Mars has always been given a special place. The “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, a fundamental text for Vedic astrology, specifies Mars as a “cruel” planet, having the potential for disruptive energy when placed unfavorably. It suggests various remedies for mitigating the ill effects of Mangal Dosh, including specific prayers, rituals, and even the recommendation of marrying a person with similar astrological configurations.

How does Mangalik Dosha or Mangal Dosha gets formed in Horoscope

Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha is formed in one’s horoscope when the planet Mars (Mangal) is situated in any of the following houses: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses/bhava from the ascendant (Lagna), Moon, or Venus. These placements are in the context of the Vedic system of astrology, which is based on the sidereal zodiac.

In detail:

  • 1st House: The first house is related to the self, hence Mars can make the person aggressive and hot-tempered.
  • 2nd House: The second house is related to family life. Mars in this house can bring tensions and troubles in the familial relationships and marital life.
  • 4th House: The fourth house is related to happiness and peace. Mars in this house can cause restlessness and emotional instability.
  • 7th House: The seventh house is related to marriage and life partner. Mars in this house can cause conflicts and discords in marital life.
  • 8th House: The eighth house is related to lifespan and Mars in this house can lead to a lack of longevity of the spouse.
  • 12th House: The twelfth house is related to expenses and losses. Mars in this house can lead to financial troubles.

Consequences of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh

There can be many problems in life because of this dosh. So if you find out something related to your life, then it may be because of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh in your Kundli.

  • Increased quarrels: Over 50% of situations may lead to heightened disputes between couples.
  • Deteriorating understanding: Over time, there’s a perceptible decrease in the level of comprehension between partners.
  • Rising aggressiveness: Manglik Dosh can make one more aggressive in both professional and domestic life.
  • Escalating stubbornness: There’s a trend of becoming increasingly obstinate about unnecessary matters.
  • Fertility challenges: Couples may face difficulties in conceiving a child despite numerous attempts.
  • Interrupted tasks: Works often get halted midway or fail to reach completion despite numerous efforts.
  • Persistent failures: Experiencing repeated setbacks in most undertakings, to varying degrees.
  • Familial discord: There may be complications with in-laws or even parents due to this dosh.
  • Separation: The dosh might lead to separations from spouse, parents, or children.
  • Financial losses: There’s a risk of monetary loss through theft or unsuccessful investments.
  • Loan issues: There might be difficulties in securing loans or repaying them.

Mangal impacts on Life through Aspects

  • Placement Impact: Mars’ position in the house directly influences the life aspects associated with that particular bhava.
  • Fourth Aspect Influence: Mars casts its 4th aspect on the house located fourth from its placement, leaving a significant imprint on that bhava’s matters.
  • Seventh Aspect Influence: Mars’ 7th aspect directly targets the house opposite its position, impacting the affairs related to that bhava.
  • Eighth Aspect Influence: The 8th aspect of Mars has its gaze on the eighth house from its location, influencing the bhava correspondingly.
mangal dosh manglik dosh

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 1st house / Ascendant / Lagan

Being placed here, mars(mangal) makes the person stubborn, aggressive, harsh, and blunt. From this house, mars aspects the 4th house, 7th house, and 8th house through his sight.

  • The Aspect on the 4th house can potentially erode the joy and peace in one’s domestic life.
  • An Aspect on the 7th house could undermine the harmony and health of the spousal relationship.
  • An aspect concerning the 8th house may influence the longevity and lifespan of one’s spouse.

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 2nd house

Being Placed here Mars (mangal) makes the person abusive, Money minded Careless and Impulsive. From this house, Mars aspects the 5th house, 8th house, and 9th house through his sight.

  • Observing the 5th house can lead to reduced harmony between parents and children, potentially impacting familial happiness.
  • Focus on the 8th house may bring about unpredictable fluctuations in various life aspects, making stability elusive.
  • Directing attention to the 9th house may influence one’s fortune or destiny, causing feelings of unluckiness or misfortune.

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 4th house

Being placed here, Mars(mangal) makes the person forceful in nature, dominating, egoistic and intolerant. From this house, mars aspects the 7th house, 10th house, and 11th house through his sight.

  • Manglik Dosh’s influence on the 7th house can disrupt the marital bliss and harmony, potentially diminishing the joy of shared life between partners.
  • When casting its shadow over the 10th house, this dosh can lead to frequent disruptions in career paths, causing instability in jobs or businesses.
  • The aspect of Manglik Dosh on the 11th house can reduce overall life gains or profits, emphasizing the need for effective Mangal Dosh remedies.

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 7th house

Being Placed here on mars ( mangal ) makes the person impatient, violent, and immense sexual thirst with a touch of aggressiveness. From this house, mars aspects the 10th house, 1st house, and 2nd house through his sight.

  • When casting a glance at the 10th house, Manglik Dosh can cause turbulence in your professional journey, potentially leading to complications such as extramarital engagements at work.
  • The Dosh’s influence on the 1st house, or Ascendant/Lagna, can instill a sense of superiority, pushing you towards overconfidence.
  • When Manglik Dosh impacts the 2nd house, it can result in a sharp tongue, causing a downfall in your social reputation. This highlights the importance of remedies for Manglik Dosh (Mangal Dosh ke Upay).

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 8th house

Being placed here on mars (mangal) makes the person very suspicious, bit of criminal tendency, is secretive and is very diplomatic. From this house, mars aspects the 11th house, 2nd house, and 3rd house through his sight.

  • An influence on the 11th house may disrupt your relationship with elder siblings (your own or those of your spouse). There may be a noticeable disparity between your efforts and the benefits you receive.
  • An aspect on the 2nd house may lead to issues related to your eyes, face, or mouth. Visible scars could potentially contribute to marital discord, leading to separation or divorce. There might also be the risk of extramarital affairs.
  • An aspect on the 3rd house could provide you with heightened energy and will power. However, this might also restrict your opportunities or inversely enhance them. This illustrates the dual nature of Mangal Dosh.

Impact of Mangal Dosh / Manglik Dosh on 12th house

Being placed here on mars ( mangal ) makes the person a lonely lover, resistant in taking decisions, a dream castle maker, and frustrated. From this house, mars aspects the 3rd house, 6th house, and 7th house through his sight.

  • A glimpse into the 3rd house may reveal a personality type that shies away from taking the first step or initiating.
  • The sight on the 6th house can foretell the potential for chronic illnesses, which could greatly affect your vitality and well-being.
  • The aspect of the 7th house might suggest an increased desire for sexual pleasure, which could lead to complexities in both personal life and health – a notable impact of Mangal Dosha.

Mangal Dosha/Manglik Dosha Remedies

Yes, there’s a remedy for every Dosh! However, keep in mind that every Kundli requires a unique approach for executing the remedy. It’s vital to consult a credible astrologer for your specific parameters.Below, you’ll find some general remedial actions for Manglik Dosh which many astrologers suggests though we only suggest 3 step remedies as per the Vedic Scripture. This 3 step remedy is powerful than below given general remedies. For plan accordingly.

  • Astrological Remedies:
    • Perform the Kumbh Vivah ritual, where the Manglik marries a banana tree, peepal tree, or silver/golden idol of Lord Vishnu first.
    • Fast on Tuesdays, the day of planet Mars, to mitigate the dosha.
  • Gemstone Therapy:
    • Wearing a coral gemstone in a gold ring on the ring finger can help appease Mars.
  • Mantras and Prayers:
    • Chanting the Navagraha mantra or the Mangal Mantra 108 times daily.
    • Offering prayers to the ruling deity of Mars, Lord Hanuman, is beneficial.
  • Yantras:
    • Use of the Mangal Yantra, a symbolic representation of the Mars deity, helps to nullify the Manglik Dosha. (consult us for Mangal Yantra)
  • Charitable Acts:
    • Donating red cloth, masoor dal, or weapons can appease the planet Mars.
  • Lifestyle Changes:
    • Practicing disciplines like Yoga and meditation helps maintain inner peace and harmony, mitigating the adverse effects of the dosha.

Mangal Dosha/Manglik Dosha Can Become YOG

Nowadays, folks are using online or offline software to create their Kundli. This can mean they might not notice that there’s a way to offset this Dosh, turning it into a ‘Yog.’ This transformation can occur if you chant the right mantra with focus and intention.

Conditions for making Mangal DOSH into “Mangal YOG”
  • If Mars is exalted ( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started ).
  • Mars is in Aries, Scorpio ( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started ).
  • Sun the Royal King is sitting with Mars in close conjunction ( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started).
  • Mars exchange with Mercury ( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started ).
  • Exchange with Moon ( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started ).
  • Sitting with Venus in Taurus or with Mercury in Virgo( Right 3 Step Remedy should be started).

The above said rules can make the dosh, a YOG ! but to really function it as YOG, you need to recite the specific mantra under 3 Step Remedy process along with Kavach as per your kundli which you can get from us.

Do i Really Need to Marry Manglik Person, if I am the ONE !

The Answer is ” NO ”

Well it depends upon the kundli of the person. We have many cases where we have done marriage of Mangalik person with Non Mangalik ones by controlling their dosha with the help of 3 step remedy.

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