Manglik Dosh | Is it Dosh or Yog !

What is Manglik Dosh in Astrology:

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Manglik Dosh is one of the dosh of Astrology , where people have very limited knowledge.

Whosoever is the ardent reader of astrology , is the know-er of this dosha.

Manglik dosh came into the existence because of Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching.

Earlier times(100%) and Now in modern times (almost 90%) people goes for manglik dosh analysis before getting married.

There is a saying attached to this dosh, which says ” Manglik Native should marry Manglik Only”.


  • ” what is reality behind this dosh ? “
  • ” Does it really exist in the same form, it is been exaggerated ! “

Let me make you understand in a very simplest form of astrology so that you won’t get a dicey mind when it comes to manglik dosh.

How This Dosh Forms in Kundli:

  • we have 9 planets in Astrology.
  • 7 physical planets viz Sun, Moon, Mars,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus,Saturn and 2 Shadow planet : Rahu-Ketu.
  • In Kundli/Birth Chart, we have 12 Signs(rashi) and 12 Houses(bhav).
  • 1st house is knows as Ascendant / Lagan and Where ever your moon is place (any house) that House is called as Moon Ascendant / Chandra Lagan.
  • Manglik Dosh is created by Mangal Graha i.e Mars planet.
  • There are few placements in-terms of houses are given in Astrological Scriptures.
  • Manglik dosh is created when the Mars is placed in these houses viz 1st,2nd, 4th , 7th , 8th and 12th house of your kundli.
  • 1st house/Ascendant/Lagan is all about you(Physical).
  • 2nd house is your dhan bhav( Wealth).
  • 4th house is your sukh bhav ( Happiness).
  • 7th house is your Vivah Bhav ( Marriage House).
  • 8th house is your Sasural Paksh ( In laws houses) [ also Up & Down in Life].
  • 12th house is your bhog bhav (bed pleasures).

Mars (Mangal Graha) planet is a very fierce planet. So where ever it sits in the kundli, it creates great friction or aggression.

This shows it Mars(Mangal) sits in the above said houses(bhav) then it would definitely be creating lots of energy exchange, which may be fatal !

Consequences of Manglik Dosh:

There can be many problems in life because of this dosh.

So if you find out something related to your life, then it may be because of Manglik Dosh in your kundli.

  • Quarrels between the couple ( more than 50% of a given situation).
  • Decreasing the level of understanding between the couple with times ( you feel , he/she was far better before).
  • You become more aggressive in your professional front including domestic one.
  • Gradually becoming more n more stubborn for unnecessary things.
  • Problem in begetting children after many attempts.
  • Works get cancelled in the middle of execution or won’t get the destination after so many attempts.
  • Failures in almost everything you do (more or less).
  • Problem with in-laws or own parents.
  • Separation with wife or parents or children.
  • Money theft or Money Loss through investments.
  • Loan rejection or Incompetence for Loan Return.

These are few consequences(above) which may affect your life because of this manglik dosh.

Mars(Mangal) affects the life through 4 aspects

  1. Through Placed House,Wherever it sits, it affect the life related to that bhav.
  2. Through 4th sight,Mars sees the 4th house from the placed location and thus affect that bhav.
  3. With 7th sight, Mars sees the opposite house to its placed house and thus affect that bhav.
  4. 8th sight, Mars sees the 8th house from the it’s placement and hence affect that bhav too.
manglik dosh

Now let me explain 

Consequences of Manglik dosh as per  the house:

1st house / Ascendant / Lagan : Being placed here mars(mangal) makes the person stubborn,aggressive, harsh and blunt.

From this house, mars aspects the 4th house, 7th house and 8th house through his sight.

  1. Having sight on 4th house diminish the happiness in domestic life.
  2. sight on 7th house diminish the co-operation/health relationship between the spouse.
  3. Aspect on 8th house affects the longevity of the spouse.

2nd house : Being Placed here mars(mangal) makes the person abusive , Money minded, Careless , Impulsive.

From this house, mars aspects the 5th house, 8th house and 9th house through his sight.

  1. Having sight on 5th house diminish the happiness between parents and children.
  2. sight on the 8th house causes ups and down in every corner of life.
  3. Aspect on 9th house affects the good luck or fate, hence you starts feeling unlucky.

4th house : Being place here mars(mangal) makes the person forceful in nature,dominating,egoistic and intolerant.

From this house, mars aspects the 7th house, 10th house and 11th house through his sight.

  1. Having sight on 7th house diminish the happiness of conjugal life between the married couple.
  2. sight on the 10th house causes many breaks in career – job or business.
  3. Aspect on 11th house decreases the gains / profit in life.

7th house : being Placed here mars(mangal) makes the person impatient, violent , immense sexual thirst with a touch of aggressiveness.

From this house, mars aspects the 10th house, 1st house and 2nd house through his sight.

  1. Having a sight on 10th houses cause many ups and down in professional career, you may be involved in extra marital affairs at work place.
  2. sight on 1st house/ascendant/lagan can make you feel you are above all, in nutshell , will make you over confident.
  3. Aspect on 2nd house can make you harsh speaker hence diminish your respect in the society.

8th house : Being place here mars(mangal) makes the person very suspicious , bit of criminal tendency , secretive and very  diplomatic.

From this house, mars aspects the 11th house, 2nd house and 3rd house through his sight.

  1. Having a sight on 11th house , will affect relationship with elder sibling (yours or in-laws).Also you starts receiving less benefit as compare to work effort.
  2. Sight on the 2nd house can give you many problem related to eyes / face or mouth. Having a face full of scars may lead to separation/divorce from the spouse. Extra Marital Affairs may also evolve.
  3. Aspect on 3rd house, can make you have, lot of energy and will power but chances for opportunity becomes limited or vice versa.

12th house :  Being placed here mars(mangal) makes the person loneliness lover,resistant in taking decisions, dream castle makers and frustrated.

From this house, mars aspects the 3rd house, 6th house and 7th house through his sight.

  1. Having a sight on 3rd house house can make you person who doesn’t love to be initiator.
  2. sight on the 6th house can create many chronic illness in life which can withheld major part of your strength.
  3. Aspect on 7th house can make you needy for extra sexual pleasures hence complications in life or health.

After reading above, you must be thinking about remedy !

Correct we have remedy for every dosh ! but every kundli has different parameter for performing the remedy therefore you must asked the genuine astrologer for your parameter.

Here i am giving you some generalized remedial measures for manglik dosh, which anyone can opt in but success or failure can’t be promise since it’s general for all.

  • You can start reciting the Sri Hanuman Stotram (27 times daily).
  • You can Start Reciting Sri Hanuman chalisa Daily.
  • Mangal “Gayatri Mantra” is also one of the best way to suppress the dosh.
  • Mangala Gauri Pooja and Fast is Quite effective.
  • Sri Ram Stotram can be prescribed to the concern one.

Remember , if you really wanna get benefited from the remedy then get your own remedy as per your kundli rather than going for generalized remedial measures.

Manglik Dosh Can Become YOG:

These days people are making their kundli from online / offline software’s.

Because of this people are not able to make notice that there are cancellation of this dosh which can make this dosh, A “YOG ” ! (if recited with concern mantra).

Conditions for making this dosh a “YOG”

  • If Mars is exalted ( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).
  • Mars is in Aries, Scorpio ( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).
  • Sun the Royal King is sitting with Mars in close conjunction ( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).
  • Mars exchange with Mercury ( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).
  • Exchange with Moon ( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).
  • Sitting with Venus in Taurus or with Mercury in Virgo( Concern Mantra can be found from native’s kundli).

The above said rules can make the dosh , a YOG ! but to really function it as YOG, you need to recite the mantra as per your kundli which you can get from any genuine astrologer.

Do i Really Need to Marry Manglik Person, if I am the ONE !

The Answer is ” NO “

Well it depends upon the kundli of the person,If the mangal is severaly damaged in your kundli then you must marry the mangali person else you can marry ” NON-MANGLIK” person too.

We have written a complete book on kundli milaan in the most simplest form. The Explanation is so layman that first time reader can understand it.

You can have the copy from this Link

Astrologers(fake)/ Pandits who are giving this hoax statement is nowhere proved through Vedic Astrology that one should always marry the same (in case of manglik dosh ).

This detailed analysis on manglik dosh can clear many questions you may have.

Still you have any question , you can reach us through contact us section.

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