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A consultation that can give you life long success

Consultation or Predictions Based on Vedic Jyotish is the best way to rule out any cause of the problem in life. So ask an expert astrologer about your problems in life.

We at DsK Astrology Helps out many people by giving them the best remedial measure for their problematic life and hence improve their smile.

DsK Astrology stands top among other counselors because of the following reasons

  • We have no limited time for consultation services. The client can ask until he is done!
  • We Do BTR (Free with Present Life Prediction) before giving the final prediction. Major Astrologer doesn’t even bother to check whether the birth time is correct or faulty in seconds.
  • We give no gemstones remedy but gives mantra remedies.
  • Once you are our client, you can enjoy other services at discount prices and refers too.
  • During the consultation, we teach you some basics of astrology which helps you in many ways.

Services :

  1. Career Consultation
  2. Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching
  3. Present Life Prediction
  4. Past Life Astrology
  5. Medical Astrology | Health Prediction
  6. BTR | Birth Time Rectification
  7. Naamkaran | Naming Newborn
  8. Shani – Sade Sati Consultations ( Rs1800 including Max 5 Questions + Remedy )
  9. Ask Any Question- Short Service ( 360 -540 Words) – Just Rs 270
  10. Any Two Questions – Short Service – Just Rs 450 ( Most Selling)
  11. Talk to Good Astrologer
  12. Gemstone Recommendation
  13. Black Magic Analysis

If you are not ok with online payment then you can paytm us also, For that Please WhatsApp us.

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