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Marriage Match Making is very tough services in terms of Predictions.

Because most of time, parents of the couples doesn’t have the correct birth time.

Which makes it a lot harder to predict , because error in birth seconds can alter complete prediction.

In India, people mostly goes to Temple Priest ( Mandir Pandit) to get analyse their offspring’s kundli or birth chart.

First of all, we must know that Pandits and  are two different terms.

Pandit can be an Astrologer or can be a simple pandit who does karmkaand.

Above all in India, almost 90% pandits are simple pandits therefore expecting them as an astrologer is a big mistake.

Marriage Match Making or Kundli matching is therefore a sole work of True Astrologer. (You Can Must this Article on Manglik Dosh)

Kundli matching is primarily done on the basis of Ashtkoot Gun Milaan technique though there are many other ways of matching too.

During Marriage Match Making Service, we take special care of Nadi DoshMilaan and Bhakoot Milaan, Because when you do the free online matching or software based Kundli Matching, this points are missing in terms of their possible cancellation.

This cancellation is huge process, because we need to make many Divisional charts(Vargas D9,D60) of Prime Chart(D1).

Astrologers who knows about this cancellation technique has not revealed it to anyone , therefore there is no software made till now based on this algorithm.

So i recommend not to trust on Free or Software based Kundli matching rather go for Genuine Astrologer.

We are always open to help you out in this matter if you don’t know any genuine astrologer.

Marriage Match Making

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