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Free gemstone recommendation can availed by reading this article completely as this article will help you to understand which stone is connected to which planet. This page will guide you about your lucky gemstone if you know how to calculate lucky planet from your lagan(ascendant) or Moon Sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun Sign (Surya Rashi).

free gemstone recommendation

Know The Meaning of Gemstone

What is gemstone ( Rashi Ratna in Jyotish) in Astrology?


Gemstone is a mineral crystal which is naturally occurring in the form of organic, inorganic and homogeneous state with a defined chemical composition. These Mineral Crystals have regular three-dimensional arrangements of atoms. Our body is also made of several atoms and that is why Gemstone are effective in channelizing our body faults ( Dosha).

Every gemstone has a different wavelength or you can say unique energy power due to which they are influential to impact your body chakras ( Body Aura). This is the reason it is connected with Ayurveda ( Part of Athar Veda). 

In Ayurveda, our sages say that every human has three dhantus ( three dosha) which are Vaat, Pitta , kapha and any imbalance in these dhatus will make the person’s life problematic. Hence, if anyone is in deep trouble or is not getting success in life then a particular gemstone ( As per the horoscope) will help him/her to regain the success path in life. Because your lucky gemstone will heal your three dhatus and eventually you will be out of your problem in life.

These days, Astrologer(s) are not good enough to guide the needy with regards to their lucky gemstone because they don’t know the Ayurveda. If they don’t know the ayurveda then they can not understand the native’s three dhatu concept (Tri dosha concept) and without knowing the condition of these three dhatu, they can not help you with Gemstone remedy

In the older times, when there was no or less adulteration in the world, every gemstone was pure and genuine. Nowadays we have so much adulteration in everything that even the gemstones are artificially prepared by glass which a normal person can not judge and just to fill this gap, we are here in this business line of Pious Mega Science ( Indian Jyotish).

Our every gems are fully tested by a gemologist and are with a certificate. No need to be worried off if you are buying from Most Authentic Astrology portal – DsK Astrology.


Ancient Scriptures That Defines Gemstones

Powerhouse for Planets

In Vedic Jyotish (Indian Astrology), we have 7 planets and 2 shadowy planets. These are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Rahu & Ketu are the shadowy planets which mean they are not the actual physical planet in our universe. These are the intersection point of elliptical paths.

Gemstones very amply are discussed in Hinduism scriptures. Especially the Puranas we find a very detail description of the gemstones. For example, Garuda Purana Achar Kanda, chapter 68 ( Agastya Samhita ) Description of the origin of the gems in the treaties of Ratna Pariksha (test of gems ) by Holy Agastya – mentions some of the valuable gemstones, states How to Test genuineness of gems, the rules to wear them, etc.

These are some of the gemstones mentioned – 1) Padmaraga -2) Emerald -3) Indranila -4) Vaidurya – 5) Pusparaga -6) Diamond the Pearl -7) Karketana – 8) Pulaka -8) Rudhiraktya (bloodstone)- 9) Crystal -10) Coral.

वज्रं मुक्तमणय: सपद्मरागा: समरकता: प्रोक्ता : |
अपि चेन्द्रनीलमणिवरवैदुर्या: पुष्करागाश्च: || ९ ||
कर्केतनं सपुलकं रुधिराख्यसमन्वित तथा स्फटिकम् |
विद्रुममणिश्च यत्नादुद्दिष्टं संग्रहे तज्ज्ञनये ||१०||

Gems such as Padmaraga, the Emerald, the Indranila and Vaidurya the Pusparaga, the Diamond the pearl, the Karketana, the Pulaka Rudhiraktya (bloodstone) the crystal and coral should be carefully collected. Subject to the advice to the experts on the subject.

In the same chapter, we find the following description -:

तेषु रक्षोविषव्यालव्याधिध्नान्यघहानि च |
प्रदुर्भवान्ति रत्नानि तथैव विगुणानि च ||८||

Of the gems and the precious stones, some are endured with the virtues of expiating all sins or of acting as a prophylactic against the effect of poison, snake bytes and diseases, while there are others which are possessed of contrary virtues.

प्रथमं गुणसंपदाभ्युपेतं प्रतिबद्भं |
समुपैति यच्चदोषम् ||
अलमाभरणेन तस्य राज्ञ्नो
गुणहीsपि मणिर्न भुषणाय ||४२||

Diamonds are prohibited as articles of female wear, as they are possessed of the Mystic Virtues and making them sterile and Unhappy.

So it’s clear that gems possess mystic powers and people of that time used to wear these kinds of stones for the betterment of their life.

Gemstones are of different groups. For example, Ruby and All Sapphire ( Blue Sapphire or Yellow Sapphire or White Sapphire) are from corundum group but because of Red color ( Red color has stronger & longer wavelength), it’s been awarded a different name(Ruby) different from other gemstones (Blue / Yellow / White Sapphire).

Gemstone for Planet and Their General Propitiation time


Moon Sign (Lagna)
Rising Sign

Gem Stone:
Secondary (UpaRatna)
Third Choice

Sanskrit and Other Language Gem Stone Names

Planet Propitiation Day And Time



Red Spinal
Red Tourmaline





SeaWater Pearl
Tissue Nucleated Pearl
Moon Stone





Red Coral


1 Hour After Sunrise



Green Tourmaline


2 Hours After Sunrise



Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Topaz
Yellow Beryl


1 Hour Before Sunset



White Sapphire
White Beryl





Blue Sapphire


2 Hours 40 Minutes Before Sunset

Rahu(North Node Of The Moon)




2 Hours After Sunset

Ketu(South Node Of The Moon)


Chrysoberyl Cats Eye





free gemstone recommendation

Read About Your Luck Stones

Science Behind Gemstones Remedy

Astrology is a great science with logic. If anything includes in astrology is conceptually wrong or nonscientific then we have to consider this divine knowledge as pseudoscience. If astrology is a true analytical science then we should use its application for the betterment of mankind other than making confusion to others to get attention.


I have encountered in recent times few non-scientific approaches regarding the application of gemstone color therapy which is not only funny but also a great example of its wrong interpretation. It is surprising that these uneducated people using social media platforms without having any proper knowledge, neither in proper astrology nor in its application. Each and every day for getting attention from common people they are just creating confusion.

Let me discuss today how Gemstone works in the light of scientific analysis provided by our great sages thousands of years back. Gemstone therapy is actually a proven scientific remedy and a part of color therapy and its application is vast and also used nowadays in many countries to cure many diseases. Yes, I must say it is not as powerful but may compensate the power of mantra or sound vibration in our life when using it for astrological purposes, In fact, the combination of both able to produce excellent results in many cases.


How gemstone works in our life.

We all know gemstone always provides get results only in fingers, but why it is so and advisable? the reason is purely backed by science, which informed us by our sages so many years back.

There are several sensory nerve endings and receptors in the human hand that leads to our fingers. These rapidly-adapting nerve receptors deliver information to our brain through the spinal cord or kundalini. Our spinal cord or Kundalini is nothing but the nerve fibers or electrical fibers and chakras are clusters of nerve ganglion or electrical coils for transmission of energy.

The receptors of nerves in our fingers deliver information regarding prolonged touch (This is the reason for each Gemstone one specific finger responses and all Gemstone required to touch our skin.)

The receptive field size of sensory nerves or small electrical fields is connected through nerves on the human back through our spinal cord or kundalini which is the larger electromagnetic field to our brain or “super mind “of the cosmic plain. Natural Gemstone contains mineral crystals, omits invisible fluorescence (can only be examined through low frequency infrared or IR Spectra testing). The stretching principle of mineral crystals according to the law of physics able to release electron particles or energy and stimulate our electromagnetic field of the body by the activation of the superconscious mind of the brain.

As each planet and it’s reflection of lights comes to us through small web frequency the major intention for Gemstone color therapy is to balance that vibration according to the degree of requirements either by colour web frequency match that is gemstone or sound web frequency match that is the mantra .This is the only way to increase our own electromagnetic field or Aura to match or receive the super cosmic waves.

Gemstone therapy clearly depends on the science of physics.

Our each sensory nerve endings connected through the different parts of the brain responsible for different action or energy power.Our little finger to Meisnner’s corpuscles of the brain, Ring finger with Pacinian corpuscles, Middle finger with free nerve ending, First finger with Merkel discs of the brain(to discrimination of objects and texture) and thumb finger with and Ruffini endings.

So use of proper Gemstone therapy does not create any complication as gems stone like sapphire and ruby,emerald and diamonds are from different mineral and Crystal habits there characters are related to different cosmic fluorescence and planetery viabration related to our body and it’s electromagnetic fields.

It requires lots of calculations to find out one's lucky stone in life

Most of the illerate Astrologers recommends only the gemstones of trikon(Trinal Houses). They dont know if Trikon lords are unfavourable then wearing the gemstones will give fatal results in life. 

We have many cases where wearing the gemstones of 8th house gave immense wealtha and career growth along with healthy life.

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