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Black Magic Evil Eye

What is Black Magic Evil Eye

Black Magic or Evil Eye is known as the supernatural power which if someone casts on you then your almost whole life gets stuck completely or in many ways. Black Magic is known as the Tantric or Tamasic way of getting things or to harass someone. 

You may be jealous of someone or if someone is jealous of you. This condition creates the requirement of spelling the black magic to make the respective person failed in life. The one who gets the black magic becomes stagnant and completely ruined in life. He/she cannot get anything in life, you can say whatever that person thinks to start in life for the good future will get the bad consequences.

Which planet is responsible for black magic?

Rahu is the main planet behind black magic. The reason it is the Head of the Demon Swarbhanu, who is an immortal one and it is said black magic is done with evil eyes. The head portion of the Swarbhanu (Rahu) has this evil eye that is why Rahu is connected to the Black Magic.

Black magic works on those people who have Rahu in certain positions. These positions are very sensitive ones and the presence of Rahu in these positions makes a native highly potential for getting Black Magic or Evil Eye.

How to Detect Black Magic – Evil Eye

How to Detect Black Magic

These positions are as follow

Rahu in these Houses/Bhav of the Kundli – 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house for any Lagan or Moon Sign or Sun Sign.

Rahu in these Rashi/Signs of the Kundli – Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Rahu’s Conjunction/Aspect with these planets – Venus, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter.

These are the conditions which if present in your Kundli then the probability of having black magic by someone, who is jealous of you will be very high. This means you will have problems with any of the below aspects of your life.

How to identify black magic evil eye on a person

Career Problems

Career is the most important aspect of life. If we don’t have the right career, then we won’t get the right life. In almost 90% of cases that I have handled for black magic or evil eye were of career break or failures. If you are great in your career or remain cool and happy in your professional life, then it is a high chance that someone doesn’t like it or is jealous of this contentment.

Hence, if you feel career breaks, failures or you are not getting the right growth or elevation in the professional life then you may have been spelled by someone jealous of you. The reason can be anything. Get your Kundli analyzed by an experienced Astrologer who knows how to see the black magic in Kundli and rectify it.

Finance Problem

Money, wealth is the most demanding thing in this universe. Without money, no one can get the power, success, growth, or happiness in life. Money is not everything, but it is something that can give you everything in this life. So, if you are good at earning or wealth then definitely who is not good at all will be jealous of you and may go for this step of spelling the evil eye on you. This casting can ruin your wealth and give the caster that wealth or money. This condition may give you lifelong stagnancy in money matters and because of that, you will be having trouble in life.

Marriage/Love Problem

Marriage or Love life is the aspect of life that gives internal satisfaction or happiness in life. If we have stable married or love life, then we are happy in every situation of life but in case we have unstable married or love life then it seems like we are the unluckiest person on this earth. These days everyone is desirous to have beautiful, smart and dedicated beloved or partner in life and if in any case, you have the one among all your friend circles or relatives then it is a high chance that someone is jealous of your great love or married life.

Hence, that person can use black magic or evil eye to ruin your perfect relationship. After the spelling or casting of the black magic or evil eye, your relationship will start to have ups & downs, misunderstandings, conflicts or arguments. So, if you are facing such issues in your love life or married life then definitely you must get your Kundli checked for the existence of Black Magic.

Education Problem

Education is the base of a great career ahead because if you study well then you can get a great career ahead of your life. Education will give you a good job or business in your life. This good education can give you many appreciations in life which can be a jealousy factor for someone who wants to overcome you in your life. Hence, you may be spelled by someone who can ruin your educational life.

Health Problems

Our Ancestors say health is wealth. If we are healthy then only, we can enjoy the benefits of wealth in life. This means health is of utmost importance which can make anyone happy despite any problems (career, finance, married, education) in life. So, this makes the “Health” most desirable status for physical life. Hence, the person who remains unhealthy most of the time can spell the black magic or evil eye in order to get your good health instead of his/her bad health. This makes you ill and makes him/her healthy.

How to do black magic

how to do black magic

Black magic is spelled with the help of these following factors.

1. Caster will spell the black magic based on your name. Name is the like a bulletproof jack for the native and if this bulletproof jacket is faulty then definitely you are on the high scale of getting impacted by black magic or evil eye. This is the reason why you should correct your name with the help of Vedic Astrology so that no one can spell or cast any black magic / evil eye on you.

2. The casting of black magic or evil eye can be done by putting some eating material in front of your door or house. Sometimes people use the special power on lemon and throw on the roundabout near to your place. So that whenever you pass that route then the same black magic spirit starts following you for a whole life.

3. Black Magic or evil eye can be done through food items too. This means someone can give you food items to eat which is earlier cast with black magic or evil eye spirit. This is the way which I found to be the most dangerous of all.

4. Black or evil eye is known as the Tamasic way of getting the things in life whether it is revenge or avenge or money or success or anything you desire off. Caster takes the help of their “Worshipped Demonic Soul – Pretatma” which is directed by the caster to give you hurdles, problems or failures in life.

5. The last way of doing the black magic or evil eye is to use belonging like clothes, accessories or anything related to the native’s life. This means if the caster gets your belongings then he/she can spell black magic or evil eye easily on you.

How to rectify Kala Jadu |Black magic removal mantra | How to remove black magic

Black magic removal mantra

Black Magic or Evil eye is a tamasic way of getting things and in order to rectify it, we need to take the help of the Sattvic way of Astrology. This means we need to boost the power of planets in the Kundli with the help of Sacred Mantra. These mantras are the sattvic and if done with proper procedures then can cancel out any damn black magic or evil eye from your life. A high level of dedication or devotion will be required for the same which I believe in the requirement for every process of this universe.

These are some mantras that can be useful in your case, but the process will differ from case to case which you need to get for your case.

  1. Shri Ram Ashtak
  2. Shri Ram Stuti
  3. Shri Hanuman Ashtak
  4. Shri Bajrang Baan
  5. Shri Rudra Ashtak

These mantras are the basic ones that you can try on the general note but remedies upon the particular Kundli-horoscope-janampatri will be the effective one. Remedies based on your Kundli will have a specific mantra for your Kundli along the specific process of doing it. Without the right methodology, it is hard to get relief from black magic or evil eye.

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