Kaal Sarp Dosh | kalsarp dosha

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Kaal Sarp Dosh : Real or Unreal

Kaal Sarp Dosh or kalsarp dosha is one of the deadliest & fearful dosha in Astrology.

If you believe in astrology then you must have heard about this dosha many a times.

Kalsarp dosha creates fear in life , if one gets to know about it’s existence in his/her kundli.

This Fear sometime gets over the mind and person starts getting involved in depressions.

Is this really exist in Astrology ? It is one of the most vital question one may have in terms of clarification.

We have so many places in india where these two dosh/yog can be remedied but Ujjain Mahakaal and Trimbakeshwar (Near Nasik) Temple are the most prominent one.

Pandits are giving special services to wave of this dosh/yog.

Lets understand how does this kaal sarp dosh / kaal sarp yog forms in Astrology.

Kaal sarp dosh/yog is formed when all the 7 planets comes in between the rahu- ketu axis.

Rahu-Ketu axis is basically a 180 degree linear axis,as Rahu-Ketu always exist(Whether Retrograde/Direct) in this way only.

kaal sarp dosh

Above picture is the example of 7 planets clutched by the Rahu-Ketu Axis.

As Rahu- Ketu are always 180 degree apart from each other , so we have got two versions of this kaal sarp dosha / kaal sarp yog.

  1. if all the planets are between Rahu – 7Planets – Ketu
  2. if all the planets are between Ketu – 7planets – Rahu

Left side shows the planets a caged by Ketu-Rahu axis and Right Side hows the planets are caged by Rahu-Ketu axis ( as they move backwards).

This scene can happen in any house of the kundli,therefore 12 houses of kundli are prone for this kaal sarp dosh- kaal sarp yog.

As per some Astrologers:

Left side of the Ketu-Rahu Axis ,called by Kaal Amrit yoga and Right Side of the Rahu-Ketu axis,called by Kaal Vish yoga.


BUT, do you ever think , this dosha exist in astrology ?

Well, without exaggerating much , simple answer is ” Read Full Article”.

Consequences of Kaal Sarp Dosh :

  • Accidents and mishappening during childhood.
  • Frequent ill or Health Problems.
  • Study Problems.
  • Money Problems.
  • Delayed Marriage
  • Divorce or Separation in Marriage.
  • Love Failure.
  • Childlessness.
  • Chronic Disease or Long Lasting Illness..
  • Career problems.
  • Unhappiness in domestic life.
  • Abortion.
  • Premature deaths in the family
  • Ghost/Spirit Related Troubles

Remedies For Kaal Sarp Dosh- Kaal Sarp Yog:

As we have already told you the two prominent places for it’s remedial measures(Ujjain & Trimbakeshwar).

At Trimbakeshwar, you can do the Shanti Pooja and at Ujjain you can do the Nag Bali Remedy.

Rest Astrologers prescribes the native to do the recitation(jap) of rahu-ketu mantra every day.

How Fake Astrologers/Pandits Scares people with different Versions:

In Hindu Shashtra , We have 12 Serpent (Sarp) deities . Parmaatma keeps these deities as their vehicles or as their ammunition.

But Greedy minds took out the names from the Shashtra and start using it for scaring people. They often gives an example of Snake- the venomous creature biting you can not stay you alive at any cost.

Similarly this Kaal Sarp Dosh/Kaal Sarp Yog , kills you gradually and can not stay you live(happy).

For you reference, 12 names of Serpent Deities:

  1. Anant
  2. Vasuki
  3. Shankhpal
  4. Padmanabha
  5. Kambhalam
  6. Karkotaka
  7. Ashwatar
  8. Dhritarashtra
  9. Kaaliya
  10. Taksha
  11. Pingal
  12. Shesha

These are the Naga- Serpent Deities of Hindu Religion not the curse makers, so please be cautious of that astrologer who proclaims these name as your Kaal Sarp Dosh.

Kaal Sarp Dosh / Kaal Sarp Yog Detail in Vedic Hindu Scriptures :

Here i am giving you the most scared and prominent scriptures of Jyotish. These are the Granths of Astrology.

Great Astrologer Like Sri K.N Rao Says,

If you don’t find anything relevant in these scriptures then you must not think about that particular topic.

Lets have the names :

  1. BPHS – Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra.
  2. Bhavarth Ratnakar
  3. Brihat Jatak
  4. Chintamani
  5. Daivagya Valabha
  6. Garg Hora
  7. Hora Martand
  8. Jaimini
  9. Jatak Chandrika
  10. Uttrakaalamrit
  11. Jatak Desh Marg
  12. Jataka Parijaat
  13. Jatak Tattwam
  14. Laghu Parashari
  15. Nasht Jatakam
  16. Phaladeepika
  17. Prashan Marg
  18. Sarvarth Chintamani

These 18 prominent scriptures doesn’t even contain an Initial Word ” Kaal ” then how come we entertain this dosh/yog in our life.


So this Wikipedia page is no longer a Valid Page , in terms of Kaal Sarp dosh existence.

This Dosha or So called Yoga is not in above 18 prime scriptures of Vedang Jyotish. This means this has been the adulteration of some creepy or greedy minds.

People will be scared of this yoga or dosha and give away the money for respective karam kand ( remedial measures).

These remedial measure are too much costly and does no benefit to the native if done.

Best Example : The fake astrologer and pandits uses a term called Killing of Snake(sarp) in the Past life leads to this dosha/yoga,which is again a pure lie.

Through DsK Astrology, we want to alert our readers/visitors or clients that there is nothing like Kaal Sarp dosh or Kalsarp dosha or kaal Amrit yoga or Kaal Sarp yoga.

So don’t worry about this Kaal Sarp Dosh, because it does not exist but there can be other dosha in your kundli which can harm you in more greater way.

So be always sure of Real Dosha/Yoga and bother about these kind of faux dosha/Yoga.

For your reference , here is the video.

We Hope you will definitely share this page and videos with all your loved ones in order to save them from greedy beings.

Rest, You must see this video along with other’s where i have discussed the hidden reality of many astrology myths.