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Naming Newborn For Deity Support

Naming newborn is also known as Naamkaran. This is the first ritual for any living being that comes on this earth.

Naam is a Hindi Word, which means Name in English.

Naming Newborn is a process where we takes the correct birth time( not the hospital based data) and make a correct kundli.

By using this birth data, we rigorously analyse the kundli with respect to Graha,Nakshatra,Bhav and Dasha.

This is how we get the one prime letter for the newborn baby.

This one letter will have the deity power which will help the child throughout the life.

” You must be wondering how the deity will help the child? “

Well it’s as simple as eating a cut fruits. When you pray indefinitely, continuous or again & again, then deity has to listen you. This is default function of every deities.

Name’s first letter is actually the mantra associated with that deity. This mantra ignites the power of connection between the newborn and deity hence deity favor’s you.

For Naming Newborn,People often check for the letter’s online, which is absolutely wrong doing for the newborns.

Because without proper analysis ( analysis process is of continuous 9-11 hrs ) you can not pin point right graha (deity) hence you land up choosing the wrong deity and suffers full life.

Naming newborn will make you to compensate this wrong doings due to which you can channelize the deity power for whole life.

Naamkaran is also very important in terms of newborn’s healthy life because till 12 years of life, newborn is like open ground.

Little affliction to any graha can harm the newborn with a great impact therefore Naming Newborn will assign deity to save the one during such cases.

Career – Profession will be the one phase of life which is going to be deciding factor for him/her. If you have your deity based name then definitely you will succeed 90% more than having wrong deity based name.

Naming newborn is very pious ritual (analysis) and one should never go for wrong astrologer or pandits.

We always recommends our clients to prefer naming newborn consultation for any newborn in their family circle.

Naming Newborn

Naming Newborn

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