Birth Time Rectification – BTR

Correct Your Kundli with Birth Time Rectification 

Birth Time Rectification is the most crucial and essential part of Astrology. We generally call it by the name of ” BTR “.

In India or almost everywhere, Doctors( medical science people) don’t really believe in this mega-science, therefore, they really don’t care about the precise noting of Birth Time.

As a result, you generally have a wrong birth time or you can say your noted time is trail by some seconds/ minutes.

For a general person, this trail is not really important.

But in astrology, if our Real birth time lags by some minutes or seconds, it can change the whole scenario of the Kundli/charts.

The difference in the birth time will change the higher division of Kundli (Vargas), eventually, we land up with wrong predictions for life. Hence we should go for Birth Time Rectification.

Astrological Remedies, which are an integral part of prediction become less effective because of this wrong birth time.

Wrong birth time can also fluctuate your life if you do the remedies without correcting them.

Because you might be using the bad planet as a supportive one for remedial measure due to the casting of Kundli as per this wrong birth time.

Birth Time Rectification is actually the matching of your past events with your Grahas/stars.

The dasha which gives you certain results should match with the time frame you provide us.

This matching of dasha with the time frame gives us the correct birth time.

Birth Time Rectification helps us in Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching. Because without correct Kundli, how can you judge the future of that marriage?

We have written a book on Marriage Match Making | Kundli Milaan ( Click to Get the Book).

This book only helps you out, if you have a correct birth time, which is impossible to have for anyone(You must have BTR once in life).

Birth Time Rectification also helps us in doing fairly well in our career or profession.

Because when we have our corrected birth time, only then we can see the right planet favoring us in a career else we can opt-in for the wrong planet as well.

Birth Time Rectification makes your Kundli correct, as a result, you can foresee the health issues correctly.

Medical Astrology uses this Birth Time Rectification technique to predict your future health problems therefore you can adjust your life routine accordingly to receive less impact.

We all know that rebirths exist, so do the curses of past life too. These curses can be remedied only when you have a correct birth time, hence you need Birth Time Rectification.

As per real astrology, we always recommend our clients to avail of this service before any other service, because in order to get the best result from Kundli, you need to have your correct birth time.

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