Sade Sati

Time of Mighty Saturn

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Sade Sati – The name which scares many people who believes in Astrology. It is the time period of Mighty Saturn. Sade Sati literally means seven and half years (7.5 yrs) of time for a particular being influenced by shani. In Astrology, every person at any time is under some planet’s influence. This Influence is known as Dasha in Jyotish/Astrology. We have many dasha system in Jyotish

  •  Nakshatra Based Dasha like Vimshottri ( Most Popular and Universal )
  •  Rashi Based Dasha like Jaimini Dasha ( Most Popular)
  •  Bhav House Based Dasha Like Sudarshan Chakra Dasha. ( Most Popular)

Apart from this dasha system , we have 7 planets (Surya to Shani) and 2 shadow planets (Rahu-ketu), 12 Rashi (zodiac signs) and 12 bhav ( Houses).

Shani or Saturn is the Last Planet starting from Sun (Sunday)- Moon (Monday)-Tuesday-Mangalvaar(Mars-Mangal)-Wednesday-Budhvaar(Mercury-Budh)-Thursday- Guruvaar/brihaspatvaar (Jupiter- Guru) – Friday -Shukravaar (Venus- Shukra) and Saturday- Shanivaar ( Saturn- Shani). Now you know the reason behind naming the days. ( I am glad you know this now )

How Sade Sati forms in Kundli:

Sade Sati forms when Saturn/ Shani during it’s revolution ( Transit – Gochar) comes to a house which is just previous to the house where your Moon / Chandra is placed.

sade sati

In this above picture, you can see the numbering 1,2,3. These numbering shows Previous, Natal and Second to Natal position of Shani on Natal Moon respectively. This can happen to any house like here it is present in the Lagan ( where 2 is written). through Lagna we count anticlockwise and rest at the 12th house where number 1 is written ( these numbers are indication for shani position not house numbers).

Why we call it Sade Sati or 7.5 years time period:

Shani is planet which takes maximum time for 360 degree revolution, It means Shani takes maximum time as compared to other planet’s time to complete a circle of 12 signs. Shani usually takes 30 years 360 degree (12 signs) revolution.

This means Shani stays for 2.5 years of time in one house and if you see above picture you will notice that 3 houses ( 2 adjacent and 1 same houses) gets impacted.

So 2.5 x 3 = 7.5 years will take to cover 3 houses which are the same houses as above picture.

Is Sade Sati same as Dasha:

No not at all, Sade Sati is quite different from any dasha. Sade Sati is basically a time period which starts only before 1 house from moon and goes to 2nd house to the same moon( reference above picture).

Sade Sati can start with any dasha. So it is very different and independent of any dasha.

Why it is treated as dreadful or Malefic:

Sade Sati means Shani period near to Moon’s position in your Kundli. Moon is the natural Karaka of

  • Domestic Happiness
  • Mental stability
  • Happiness from Profession
  • Image in your society
  • Mother
  • Elder sister
  • Emotions related to House
  • Emotions related to Vehicle
  • Emotion related to relationship

These are the general terms associated with moon. Because moon being the first karaka of mental peace whenever Shani comes to any houses described above, it creates disturbance in the significance of Moon.

Shani depicts :

  • Sorrow
  • Losses
  • Delays
  • Disturbance
  • illness
  • litigation
  • Deaths and Longevity
  • Profession Loss
  • Reputation Loss
  • Unhygienic Surrounding

This shows when we have Sade Sati started , we tend to feel such kind of indications at different level. For Example : Sometimes you suddenly started feeling dejected or getting sudden loss in professional life. You may start visiting dirty or filthy places.

Is Sade Sati always Bad :

No, Not at all. Sade Sati rely upon everyone’s own kundli. If you have good combinations of moon then Sade Sati will not impact you much in a negative way. If you are running a Dasha of planet which has good relation with moon and Shani then also you will feel good impact during your Sade Sati.

What precautions one can take during Sade Sati :

During Sade Sati one can take below measures to reduce the negative effects:

  • One should work on upon his/her sleeping habit. Because Shani is routine. So please be very precise for your wake-up and sleep in time.
  • You need to perform ” Shri Hanuman Chalisa” daily at same time ( 10 mins difference is allowed).if you are a woman then you need to perform ” Kali Chalisa” during Mensuration then come back to Hanuman Chalisa for normal days.
  • The Genuine needy people (beggars, handicap) needs you because Shani is handicap, just feed them with compassion and love.
  • Shani is your karam karaka so don’t cheat anyone or lie anyone for the sake of your benefit. if you life for others benefit then Shani will bestow blessings on your because Shani is other people.
  • Be very Punctual, Dedicated and must be deviate from path with initial hurdles because Shani is TEST.
  • Be very simple in living , No show off because Shani is reality and show off is Rahu.
  • Don’t wear any gemstones unless you are sure for your kundli. Wearing Neelam can give you nightmares if its not suitable for your kundli.
  • Donate cloths and shoes to mass if possible do it on Saturday.
  • Start lighting up the mustard oil lamp(earthen lamp only ) under the Peepal Tree on Tuesday and Saturday.

It is good to perform these measures during Sade Sati or Shani Dasha. These are just general measures which get elevated with particular remedy as per your kundli. Shani means devotion and mantra recitation as it is the lord of Natural 11th house (Aquarius Sign) just opp. to 5th house of Devotion and Mantra (being 7th house to any house shows the power of that any house).

How can i use Sade Sati for earning money and fame with happiness:

Well Sade Sati, as i have explained above is the influential time of Shani. Shani being the Lord of 10th house ( Capricorn- fame ) and 11 house (Aquarius -Gains) can be channelize in many ways depending upon your kundli combinations. I have many examples in my data base where my client earned huge money in Sade Sati with lot of fame. They have beautifully channelized the power and energy of shani into fruitful order. Even you can do it. You need to get your kundli analysed from Genuine Astrologer and he will definitely guide you about your Shani – ” What way HE can be pleased ” !