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Free Ask Astrologer Online

This forum is for those people, who want to discuss their problems, doubts and learn astrology in life. Here we all can see your problems, doubts, and confusion regarding your horoscope, and thus we can guide you in the best way. I urge all the readers to discuss and give their feedback on each other’s questions because this is how we can make this forum successful without giving a single penny to anyone.

We follow the Vedic Hindu Astrology methodology to answer every question of life. In one’s horoscope, there are many doshas and yogas.

When these doshas gets active in life via Dasha & Gochar then that particular person tends to get unbearable problems in life. This is where Astrologer comes into play who can help you during this painful journey of life.

This is a completely free forum, so there will be a delay in answering your queries by the Acharya Ji. Meanwhile, if your problems are intense and you need an urgent answer/solution then you can approach the Acharya Ji via paid consultancy.

PAID CONSULTATION You can get the answer within 24hrs – ASK ACHARYA ji

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