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Job or Business: What’s in the destiny 

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Job or Business

Choosing the right career – whether to have a job or business – can sometimes feel like a million-dollar question. Many people find themselves constantly thinking about this, especially when they’re not satisfied with their current work situation. This could be because they don’t feel they’re being paid fairly for their hard work, or they feel oppressed by their boss. Maybe they feel inferior to their friends, have lost interest in their current job, or have grand aspirations that their current job can’t fulfill.

These frustrations can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction and the question, “Is this all I’m meant to do in my career?

When you start questioning your career path like this (Job or Business), it may be time to consider what your destiny might hold. According to astrology, one way to get a hint about your future career path – whether it’s better suited for a job or a business – is to look at your birth chart or “Kundli“.

The birth chart, according to astrology, holds a roadmap of your life from the moment you’re born till your death. So, why not use this roadmap to help determine what’s best for your career (Job or Business) ?

Imagine when you start feeling sick. Usually, you get some symptoms before the actual illness hits you. If you notice these symptoms and seek medical help promptly, you can often recover faster and easier than if you wait for the illness to fully take hold. That’s why we say, “Precaution is better than cure.”

In the same way, if you’re seeing signs of a failing or unfulfilling career, it might be worth consulting an astrologer – just like you’d consult a doctor when you’re sick. An astrologer can help you figure out what’s best for you: job or business.

Keep in mind that having a job and running a business are two different things – they’re like two points on opposite ends of a line. They’re both part of the larger realm of “career,” but they require different skills and qualities. Your birth chart, according to astrology, can provide insights about which path (Job or Business) you’re better suited for.

Frequently Asked Question – What is best for me in life – Job or Business?

Your Horoscope Suggest JOB When:

  • Your Saturn (Shani) should be well placed or with good dignity.
  • The 6th house must be strong ( private job) and the 6th lord should be in good condition with the 10th house/lord.
  • Your 10th house must be in excellent condition for a government job. 10th lord, Saturn, and Jupiter should be in a strong position.
  • 11th house and 11th lord should be in an auspicious combination and must be strong to get a salary all your life.

Your Horoscope Suggest BUSINESS When:

  • Your Mercury (Budh) Should be well placed or with good dignity.
  • The 7th house must be strong (business house) and the 7th lord should be in good condition with the 10th house/lord.
  • Your 8th house must in excellent condition in order to get a loan for your business expansion. Rahu should be in a strong position because it is known as unearned money ( Loan / Gifts ).
  • 2nd house and 2nd lord should be in an auspicious combination and must be strong in order to get funding backup from own saving or family saving. You must need some savings to start off the business.

Now, if you have the right elements in your birth chart, does that guarantee you’ll become a billionaire business tycoon or a high-powered Job Person (Job or Business)? Not exactly! There’s another important aspect to consider, called the “Planetary Dasha (Vimshottri Dasha).”

In astrology, the Planetary Dasha is a period of time that is controlled by one of the nine planets. Each planet rules over a different length of time and can significantly influence your career path (Job or Business) – whether you’re better suited for a job or for running your own business.

Think of it this way: Imagine you’re a player in a game, and your skills and abilities are the elements in your birth chart. But the game itself – the rules, the conditions, the challenges – is the Planetary Dasha. Even if you have all the right skills, the game’s conditions can greatly affect your performance and outcome.

Therefore, while your birth chart can provide some clues about your career path (Job or Business), it’s the interaction of these elements with the Planetary Dasha that ultimately helps shape your career – whether that’s becoming a billionaire entrepreneur or a successful Job professional.

Vimshottri Dasha System 

PlanetsVim.Dasha (Time Period)Nakshatra 1Nakshatra 2Nakshatra 3
Ketu (south node)7 YearsAshwiniMaghaMula
Venus (Shukran)20 YearsBharaniPurva Phalguni(pubba)Purva Ashadha
Sun (Adityan)6 YearsKrittikaUttara Phalguni(uttara)Uttara Ashadha
Moon (Chandran)10 YearsRohiniHastaShravana
Mars (Chevva/mangal/kuja)7 YearsMrigashirshaChitraDhanishtha
Rahu (north node)18 YearsArdraSwatiShatabhishak
Jupiter (Vyazhan/guru)16 YearsPunarvasuVishakhaPurva Bhadra
Saturn (Shani)19 YearsPushyaAnuradhaUttara Bhadra
Mercury (Budhan)17 YearsAshleshaJyesthaRevati
Total Year120Years   

In astrology, there are different types of Planetary Dashas. The most widely recognized and used one is called the “Vimshottari Dasha.” This system assumes a person’s life to be 120 years long and each planet governs a specific period within these 120 years.

Dasha which favors JOB :

In astrology, each planet represents different aspects of life, and Saturn is considered the main representative or ‘Prime Karaka’ of service or job. When you’re under the influence or ‘Dasha’ of Saturn, it may indicate a period where you’re more likely to have a job or engage in service-based work.

But it’s not just Saturn’s Dasha that matters. If you’re under the Dasha of another planet that’s connected to Saturn in some way, it can also be a potential time when you might find a job.

Even further, if a planet’s Dasha is going on that’s not Saturn or directly linked to Saturn, it can still indicate a job period if it’s placed in the 6th house of your birth chart, or if it’s connected with the ruler of the 6th house. The 6th house in astrology is traditionally associated with work and service.

Another important thing to note is the role of the 11th house and its ruler in your chart. This house is often associated with gains and fulfillment of desires, so it’s a significant house to look at when considering a job.

In simpler terms, think of these Dashas and house placements like weather forecasts for job opportunities. Just as certain weather conditions make it more likely for it to rain, certain planetary periods or placements in your birth chart increase the likelihood of job opportunities.

Dasha which favors BUSINESS :

Mercury is seen as the main planet ( Prime karaka/significator)when it comes to business in astrology. Imagine it as the star player in a basketball team whose role is to make the winning shots. When Mercury is in charge or when it’s Mercury’s turn (known as Mercury’s Dasha), it’s like game time for business opportunities.

However, Mercury is not the only player on the team. If another planet is taking the lead (having its Dasha), but is pals with Mercury or connected to it, this can also be a good time for business ventures. It’s like if Mercury passes the ball to its teammate, who then makes the shot.

Now, what if the planet whose turn it is, is not Mercury and also doesn’t hang out with Mercury? Well, there’s still hope for business. If this planet is placed in the 7th house in your birth chart, or is buddies with the ruler of the 7th house, then it can still be a good period to dive into business. The 7th house is typically associated with partnerships and business.

Oh, and don’t forget the 2nd house and its ruler – they’re super important for business too. Think of the 2nd house as the team manager, who ensures that the resources and finances are in check for the team to perform well.

So in a nutshell, if Mercury is taking the spotlight, or if any planet is either friends with Mercury or hanging out in the 7th house, it’s like the coach calling a play for business. And always keep an eye on the 2nd house – that’s where the behind-the-scenes magic happens to support your business game.

Sometimes there comes a situation where you don’t have combination for the business but you really want to do it.

In this case, your birth chart or ‘Kundli’ might not show strong indicators for business. But don’t worry! There’s a workaround. You can consider starting a business in the name of a family member or relative whose birth chart is more suited for business.

Think of it like this: you might not be the best person to sing at a concert due to stage fright, but your sibling has all the right qualities to shine on stage. So, you let them perform while you manage behind the scenes. Similarly, if a family member’s birth chart is better aligned for business, you could potentially find success by starting the business in their name.

If you have a basic understanding of astrology, you can “rotate” your birth chart to see it from the perspective of a different house (which represents different areas of life), based on the person whose potential you want to assess. This is like changing the camera angle in a movie to focus on a different character. This can give you a fresh perspective and might reveal new opportunities that were not apparent from your original viewpoint.

For Your Reference

3rd house – Younger Siblings

11th house – Elder Siblings

4th house – Mother

10th House – Father

7th house – Spouse / 2nd child

5th house – First Child

9th house – 3rd child.

I have made a video on this in a layman’s term. You can watch and understand, what I wanted to be conveyed here.

You can also consult us if you are not able to figure out what is good for your job or business

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