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Life Prediction Free & Paid

Life prediction report has Two Segments.

  1. Totally Free of Cost
  2. Paid – Full Analysis and Consultation (Rs 1100 – 5 Question Max and Rs 1800 – 9 Question Max).

For First option i.e Totally Free of Cost , the report will only contain the 27% of totally predictions.

As this is a free prediction report, so our astrologer will only work on your basic chart and will not go in deeper chart for deeper analysis.

There will no one to one conversation and will be send through email only.

Whereas the second option i.e Paid- Full Analysis and Consultation, Your chart will be made correct to seconds through BTR process( For Birth Time Rectification offer, please whatsapp us).

BTR will make your chart eligible to receive higher grade predictions.

Remedies ( for offer on remedies, please whatsapp us) will start responding to you as you will have real configuration/placements of starts according to your real kundli.

Through life prediction report(paid) you will get to know , what is the health issues you may get and accordingly you can align your life style.

This option will also give you the access to decode the mantra for life.

Mantra for life is one of the strongest remedies in jyotish vidhya.

This remedy can reduce your bad luck upto 90% if done with proper way and dedication.

Life Prediction (Paid) will give you the direction about proper doings of Mantra remedy which is way different than what we generally knows.

Life prediction report(paid) will give you the eligibility to ask atmost 9 questions ( in case of Rs 1800 Service else 5 question for Rs 1100).

You will be thoroughly explained the working of Gemstones, which most astrologers prescribes.

Above All – if you really serious about your life then you will definitely wants us to show you future life.

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Life Prediction Report

Rs 1800 – ( 9 Questions with Free BTR worth Rupees Rs 900)

Life Prediction Report

Rs 1100 – ( 5 Questions without Free BTR worth Rupees Rs 900)

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