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Past Life Astrology beyond Imagination

Past Life Astrology is the deepest branch under Vedic Hindu Jyotish. This Branch deals with your past life karmas.

The Deeds you perform in the past life comes as your present life results.

These results come into two versions: Good Karmas and Bad Karmas

BAD KARMAS are called as Curses in Astrology.

Curses in Astrology are highly problematic and subdues any good luck present in present life if not done remedial measure for it.

This section of astrology(past life astrology) is highly deep and very few astrologers are competent into this stream.

If you do remedial measures as per your past life curses then your present life remedies start answering easily.

Past Life Astrology is way beyond your imagination and tells you many things regarding your loved ones.

You will understand why u were born in this life, therefore your reason to born will be explained.

You will be more attached to your life once you know, what bad you committed in the past birth, hence you will become an improved person.

Curses in astrology can be judged through 6th,8th, and 12th house of present life kundli but in Past Life Astrology, we will cast your new kundli for your past birth and tells you about your past doings.

Sometimes you might think and wonder, why such things are happening to you despite done nothing wrong against it. Past Life Astrology will give you such answers.

There is a point in life, when you find someone really caring for you, despite you being so harsh to him/her.

You will know why he/she is doing this through Past Life Astrology and maybe this is the biggest secret remedy God has saved for you but in a disclosed manner.

Past life astrology also gives you a clue about your ISHT DEVA.

ISHT DEVA is actually the deity of your past life. Whom you worshipped a lot and through this Deity, you can get over all your problems in life.

Past Life Astrology

Past Life Astrology

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