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Talk to good astrologer or online Astrology or Astrology on phone service will guide your from every aspects of life. We have below services as prominent one among others.

Love Consultation
Health Consultation
Finance Consultation
Family Consultation
Career Consultation

Our solutions are the biggest supporter for many lives. We always tries to make everyone happy with their respective life. You must take one chance to talk to good astrologer like DsK.

Select your Astrology on Phone Service

talk to good astrologer
15 mins call – ₹1800 for Indian / $27 for Overseas clients
astrology on phone
30 mins call- ₹2430 for Indian / $36 for Overseas clients
talk to good astrologer
45 mins call- ₹3150 for Indian / $45 for Overseas clients
astrology on phone
1-hour call- ₹3780 for Indian / $54 for Overseas clients
Whatsapp consultation

# Language can be English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Astrology on Phone Process

Choose your session ⇒ Select your payment link ⇒ Share your details on Send Mail or whatapp for appointment.

Talk to Good Astrologer Service Benefits: 

  • Astrologer DsK or Acharya Deepanshu is an experienced Astrologer with almost 18 years of experience in this mega science field. He has solved many cases which were disturbed by fake astrologer by guiding them with wrong remedies. This astrology on phone service won’t let you down in any case.
  • Astrological remedies are easy and cost-effective. Plus, the gemstones that we provide are energized ones. This means every single Astrological Product is purified with “Secrete Sacred Mantra” as per ones kundli. You just need to wear it and perform your daily work. You will be benefitted from this talk to good astrologer service.
  • Call Astro service or talk to good astrologer service has dedicated WhatsApp number which usually work for 24 hrs. This means if you have any doubt about anything then you can approach us directly without choosing a long way of email exchanges. You can discuss the point of astrology on phone.
  • You can get the phone consultation in three languages viz English, Hindi and Punjabi. Though you can go for report consultation as well.
  • Customers don’t need to be worried about their data privacy as we “DsK Astrology” is bound for 100% Data Privacy. You can share any deep secrets or personal problems without hesitance.
  • You can get the extra discount or earning ( apart from running discounts) if you refer someone to DsK Astrology. For this, you need to email us on [email protected] for an affiliate program.
  • You can utilize your unfinished minutes later on. There is no compulsion on finishing your minutes in one session.
  • Our prices are much less than the other service providers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate is the Prediction of Astrologer?

We have served thousands of customers with their feedback as 4.5-star minimum and maximum full 5 stars. So, don’t worry about the prediction as you will get a 100% solution to your problem.

Will my details be private and not shared with anyone?

Yes, we believe in keeping the details private and confidential. You can call Astro without any fear.

Will you give us free remedies or gemstones recommendations?

Yes, with every astrology service we give free remedies and gemstones recommendations. Plus, if you wish to buy our energized gemstones ( 100000008 times beej mantra purified) then we will also give you good discounts depending

Why to choose DsK Astrology than other Astrologer online ?

Almost 18 years of experince , Cost effective ( much lesser than other astrology companies) and Easy to do astrological remedies suggestion will bring you the solution in a very humble way.

The reality of Famous “Kaal Sarp Dosha” or “Kalsarp Dosha”

This Astrology consultation will give you all your questions regarding your birthchart. You can ask any question regarding your planets (graha), Signs (Rashi), Nakshatra, Houses(Bhav) and Dasa. This consultation will also be like learning session because astrologer will make you understand in a very layman’s term.

Get solutions by the Expert Astrologer Acharya Deepanshu ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha). 100% Money Valued service. Solving life problems using Vedic Astrology since 2007. Available 24/7/365. Privacy Guaranteed. Cost-effective online Astrology service. Trusted by thousands of Indians and foreign customers.

If you want to know the characterstics of each zodiac sign (Rashi) then you can visit this page