Ask Astrologer Online Astrology Question ( Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha /Acharya Deepanshu) is the service where you can ask about any doubt of your life from Real Life Astrologers. Your any or every kind of astrology /horoscope question will be answered within 24hrs. This only astrology service is unmatched in terms of Deliverance, Price, and Remedies.

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Key Points of Astrological Report
  • Astrological Answer delivered in 24hrs.
  • Unmatched Accuracy.
  • Prediction by Celebrity Astrologer DsK.
  • Simple Layman Explaination.
  • Easy Effective Remedies
  • Whatsapp conversation for easy communications
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Ask Astrologer or Ask Expert Astrologer is a service provided by DsK Astrology. This ask a question astrology service is performed by Astrologer DsK / Acharya Deepanshu.

Online Astrology questions – answers are the most efficient way to understand the ongoing situation of life or even it can guide to your better future.

Free Astrology Question service which other websites gives is just a feed for heavy- costly remedial services but here in DsK Astrology, we don’t cater such practices of fooling people.

Many people come to us and says other websites are offering “ask astrology free one questions” why you don’t give us one. We say “we are doing authentic jyotish” by guiding the people correctly unlike others.

You an ask astrologer regarding anything of your life as we have given almost 12 genres for questions. If you not finding the relevant genre then you can use the general option and submit your question.

We are astrology question and answer online service with most competitive price range.

Your all horoscope questions will be addressed with utmost care and your details will always be secret with us.

Life is for once and if we have some doubts or confusions then its our duty to clear such skeptic situation by asking question to astrologer online

Astrology consultation
  • Career Consultation.
  • Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching.
  • Present Life Prediction.
  • Past Life Astrology.
  • Medical Astrology | Health Prediction.
  • BTR | Birth Time Rectification.
  • Naamkaran | Naming Newborn.
  • Shani – Sade Sati Consultation.
  • Jupiter/Guru Transit/Gochar Prediction 2019-2020.
  • Shani/Saturn Gochar/Transit Prediction 2020-2023

Ask Astrologer Free Astrology Question

Ask Astrologer

  • Because we believe in time’s saving – Within 36 hrs delivery.
  • Real Life Astrologer Report ( Ask Astrologer) – No Computerised Reports like other’s.
  • Panel of Experienced Astrologers – Master of Different Aspects of Life.
  • Easy and Effective Remedies – That a person can do with ease.
  • Unmatched Marriage Matching – Effective Nadi Dosh Cancellation.

How to buy the Online Astrology Service ?

  1. Fill in the complete form.
  2. Pay the amount on the next page after your submit the form.
  3. Once you done the payment, either whatsapp us or email us for any concern or status update.

Other Astrology Services

  1. Career Consultation
  2. Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching
  3. Present Life Prediction
  4. Past Life Astrology
  5. Medical Astrology | Health Prediction
  6. BTR | Birth Time Rectification
  7. Naamkaran | Naming Newborn
  8. Shani – Sade Sati Consultation ( Rs500 per Question ) Paytm Transfer
  9. Shani – Sade Sati Consultation ( Rs1800 including Max 5 Questions + Remedy ) For Paytm Transfer Click Here

If you are not ok with online payment then you can paytm us also, For that Please whatsapp us.

Reviews of our esteemed Clients

Career Consultation

Well, i am writing this review because i am really happy to hear that my destiny has the same career guideline which i ever wanted to pursue. Being in the wrong career , i was never confident about my talent. This Consultation has made my inner soul more confident towards the profession. Thank you DsK Astrology for guiding me for my future career

– Jasleen Kalra

Career Consultation (Business)

i would to thank you DsK Astrology for telling me what is there in my future. From the beginning i was willing to do my own business but because of some unknown fear or motivation i never made myself that competent. After Getting consultation for about 2 hrs, I got cleared and now i have started my own business. Thank you for letting me find my core fate.

– Jitender Rao

Marriage Match Making – Kundli Milan

I was happy to know about my Nadi and Bhakoot Dosh misconception, which was told by some fake astrologer just for monetary gain. DsK Astrology has done extensive analysis on my kundli and told me about the Nadi Dosh Cancellation Method. I am now free from huge tension and can marry my GF. Thanks for your everlasting support.

– Shivram Singh

Health Prediction

This was my first time, when i was consulting for health hazards from any website/astrologer. I have been in touch with other astrologers but Mr DsK is truly a gem on astrologers panel.He teaches you while predicting, I love the concept how transit affects our health and now i am ever ready for any health issues that may come in life. He has given me the mantra too for which i can reduce the impact of forthcoming health issues. It’s been a 2 months, i am doing this mantra and i am feeling really relaxed and calm. Thank you

– shruti mehra


Superbly done, he did explain all the events that happened in my life wrt dasha hence told me some future events too. It was spot on. BTR has made me sure about my time birth now i can go for any analysis henceforward as i am learning astrology too, but cant predict the same because of my faulty birth time.thank you for correcting the birth time and teaching me some basics too 🙂

– Rahul Sinha

Naamkaran – Naming Newborn

I got my first god gift on 4 Aug 2018. we prayed a lot from god for this gift as we were not getting the desirable results even after the 5 years of marriage. Since we get the child , because of our prayers, we don’t want my child to go without having name based on the kundli. i have heard that name based on the kundli,is like a shield that support whole life. We were searching for genuine astrologers who does the namkaran in a proper genuine way and thus found the DsK Astrology. Now i am happy that we have secured our child’s future upto larger extent. thank you for giving beautiful name’s letter.

– maya rajni kumari

Past Life Astrology

I was hell scared of Ghost/Spirit Related dreams. When i showed my kundli to one pandit , he told me i have Pitr Dosh and Prait Vaadha in my kundli. My parents then decide to do the Tarpan and Prait Vaadha Nivaran havan through that pandit and we performed. we got no benefit out of it then i came accross this website through google search. I was searching for Past Life Regression Expert and eventually i land on this website- dsk astrology. Thanks to dsk astrology, that mantra i am doing as per my kundli is helping me alot and it does reduce the nightmares. I am hoping for the best result with time.

– Sheefali Chauhan

Health Report

I have taken the consultation for my health issues. He Prescribed me 2 mantra mantra with few easy home remedies. i wish him good luck because his remedies has given me lot of difference. Regards MC Sharma

– Manikchand Sharma

Career Guidance

He told me , job is not for me. You must do business in real estate. I am in business now now in plots and lands. Thank you for guiding me, will update when i get success. still 5 star because you described me in a very simple language.

– Gurveer brar

Kundli Milaan

We took , horoscope matching service. it was great to know about the future behaviour of your spouse. thanks to him, whatever he described, it’s in my boyfriend’s nature. So quite happy now for smooth processing of our marriage by parents. Thanks

– Neha Singh

Past Life Astrology

I really wanted to know, why certain things happens to me despite my zero interference . It was shocking to see, how my past life curses / doings are responsible for this births happening. Though he told me that we can not change the past life happening but yes thru a particular remedy, we can diminish the impact of these happenings. i am on this remedy from the past 25 days and encountered nothing as such as of now. Let’s see , how will be my life now after this consultation but yes it was worth ! Thank you so much dear

– shubhalaxmi iyer

Horoscope matching

I am giving 5 star because i have in marriage with a person with whom i got matched up by DsK Astrology. My Husband is exactly what he told me during the consultation. Thank you dsk astrology for letting me know my destiny wrt husbands traits. You kundli matching was almost perfect.

– shobha Sharma

Why Choose DsK Online Astrology Question services?

In Online Astrology services (Ask Astrologer – Online astrology question) , Many people get trapped to fake astrologers because in today’s world every single person proclaims to be an expert in astrology. But in DsK Astrology, Ask Astrologer service – online astrology question service and other services are handled by real-life astrologers who takes the pain to dig out out the cause of your life’s problem and blesses you with the easy effective solutions/remedies.

Astrology questions are important!

Astrology questions or online astrology questions (Ask Astrologer) are important in everyone’s life, because if you don’t ask horoscope questions then you won’t get the real solutions in life and thus you won’t be getting the stability, success, happiness, and growth in life. Online Astrology question service is way by which you can achieve deserving growth and happiness in life.

Ask Online Astrology questions!

Ask Astrology (Ask Astrologer online) questions only to authentic and pious astrologers. This is because if you get the solutions from fake astrologers for your online astrology questions, then you will waste your time, money and trust in the Shastra. DsK Astrology is the Most Authentic Portal for Genuine Online Astrology Service. It is monitored by Famous Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha

Significations of 12 houses of Kundli – Janampatri – Horoscope

These significations are for learners. This chart will help them in their studies and they don’t need any ask astrologer for it. We at DsK Astrology believe that Ask Astrologer service is for the needy ones who don’t want to study astrology but wants a complete solution for their problem. Our Online Astrology question service is cost-effective and we believe in giving easy remedies too. You can use this online astrology question service without any fear or doubt.

Houses/Bhav / Rashi Astrological Name Significations
Aries Tanu Bhav / Pratham Bhav or laganPhysical Body, You, Overall health, general Prosperity, basic self-expression, Behaviour or Nature
Taurus Dhan Bhav/ Dwitiya BhavWealth, livelihood, Speech, basic education, family, Mouth, and our Taste.
Gemini Sahaj Bhav / Prakram Bhav / Tritya BhavWill Power, Curiosity, younger Siblings, Overall energy, Ambitions, Passion. Zeal, Interest, Hobbies.
Cancer Sukh Bhav / Bandhu Bhav / Chaturth Bhav Mother, Overall Happiness, Immoveable and moveable property ( Land / Vehicle), Popularity, Education up to 12th standard, Feelings.
Leo Santan Bhav / Pancham BhavProgeny, Creativity, Intelligence, Education(Graduation), Mantra Reciting or Spiritual Practice, Romance, Speculation, Past Life Deeds, New opportunities
Virgo Shatru Bhav / Ari Bhav / Shasht BhavDiseases and illnesses, Job, Underprivileged People, Pets, Enemy, Legal Battles, immune system, Separation in marriage
Libra Kalatra Bhav / Saptam Bhav / Vivah BhavMarriage, Married Life, Status Elevation, Spouse, Business, Our Nearby people Or People who meet daily, General relationship with everyone.
Scorpio Ayur Bhav / Ashtam Bhav / Randhra BhavUps and Down in life, Sudden happenings, Death and Rebirths, Longevity, Chronic Diseases, Occult, Research, Sex
Sagittarius Bhagya Bhav/ Dharam Bhav / Navam BhavLuck favors in life, Guru or Mentors, Long-distance Travel, Pilgrimage, Principal, Dharm, wisdom
Capricorn karam Bhav / Dasham Bhav Father, Career, Status, Reputation, Achievements in life, Politics.
Aquarius Laabh Bhav / Ekadash Bhav Elder Siblings, Success, and gains in life, friends, Goals, and aspirations.
Pisces Vyay Bhav / Dwadash BhavThe subconscious mind, Hidden Nature, Bed Pleasures, Loss, Moksha, Foreign land and Journey, Investments and loss, Solitude, Thinking and Imagination.
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