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Ruby Gemstone- Sun God

The power house for your SUN

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Manikya (Ruby Gemstone)

The stone that adds to the luxuries in life – Sun is the karaka for Royalty.

From ancient times it is conventional that, on this earth, all human’s fate is controlled and ruled by the zodiac. In Vedic astrology, there are nine Graha (planet) which are followed by approximate gemstones. Ruby Gemstone is one of the priciest and effective gem in this arena, which enhances the power of the sun planet. It could lead your future in a flourishing direction. Therefore, the utmost astrologer considers ruby gemstone to avail of the luxuries in life.

The art of living has been changing day by day and the requirements of people are also developing along with it. Technology is advancing itself and that’s why humans are able to get new luxury items constantly. Not only in that way, but luxurious life has also led from any other enjoyments alike wandering or feeding or shopping, etc. Rich and lucky people can afford it easily, whether ill-fated people couldn’t do it so smoothly. They need some substitute for the ruby gemstone.

According to the astrologer, ruby gemstone should be worn in the proper conventional way. As in, it should be worn on Sunday, which is in a Shukla Paksha tithi to get its best benefit. In Rashi chakra, there is a seventh Sthan where each planet has outcome at its best. Ruby gemstone drags the sun to this place to bloom, it is a huge way. A strong sun could be a great help to construct an epicurean living indeed. This quality is one of the best attributes among the top ten benefits of wearing a ruby gemstone.

The stone definitely holds an enormous amount of power, but to get its height outcome if it would be covered with either gold or copper. You should never wear ruby gemstone which is less in Ratti. Ruby gemstone has to be worn on the ring finger on the palm and it should be dipped in a mix of holy water and milk for at least 8 hours! It would be best if we do it on Saturday night and wear it on Sunday morning. A learned astrologer’s advice could be a great help in this situation.

Ruby gemstone is the mineral species that come under the corundum. In scientific terms, it is an aluminum oxide mineral. This is useful for Leo Sun Sign people who took birth between 23 July to 22 August of any year. It will good for you if your moon was in the sun’s zodiac or Nakshatra at the time of birth.

To get the best result or to know whether it is useful for you or not. You must contact the astrologer before buying any gemstone. For other gemstones Click here


Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan, and Scotland.


Red Shade or Tints


Untreated Natural Stone


Translucent to Opaque

Carat Ratti

3 Ratti to 9Ratti


₹ 900 to ₹ 9 lac


Oval mixed or Octagonal-Step cuts

Ruby GemStone Properties
Mohs scale hardness 9.0
Refractive index nω=1.768–1.772
Specific gravity 3.97–4.05
Dispersion 0.018
Ultraviolet fluorescence Red under longwave
Birefringence 0.008
Pleochroism Strong: purplish-red – orangy-red
Luster Subadamantine, vitreous, pearly (on partings)
Streak White
Diaphaneity Transparent, translucent
Ruby Gemstone Dsk Astrology (1)
Ruby Gemstone Dsk Astrology (2)


Ruby Gemstone is readily available in 3 Ratti, 5 Ratti and 7 Ratti. For More higher Ratti, you can contact us

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How to Wear Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone is connect to Sun (Surya) and It should be wear on Sunday Morning at Sunrise. Wearing any gemstone is Braham Muhurat is highly Beneficial.

Generally it is adviced to wear  in gold metal but one should be clear about his lucky metal too. Finger which is optimum for this gemstone is Right Finger but Astrologer is the one who can guide you whether it is Right Hand Finger or Left Hand Finger.

Mantra which is to be recited while wearing is Surya Gayatri Mantra not the Beej Mantra which many sites proclaims. One should get proper guidance for the activation.

  • Powerful
  • Energized
  • Sun Boosting

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Frequenctly Asked Questions About Ruby Gemstone

Your Doubts and Your Thoughts

Stone that we have changed to gemstone
Sacred Mantra Energized

Piously Recited with Special Sacred Mantra of Planet Surya.

Know Our Ruby Gemtone

Astrological Benefit

You can boost up your Sun and Also reduce the malefic impacts of Sun Dosha in the Kundli/Horoscope/Janampatri.
Condition Apply

Right Finger & Hand

As per the Vedic Scriptures, Ruby Gemstone is to be worn on Ring Finger in the Right Hand.
Condition Apply

Working of Gemstone

Ruby Gemstones starts working from the day you channelize it with sacred mantra. It depends from person to person. Condition Apply

Proof Of genuinty

We have Lab Testing Report freely available with every purchase of gemstone. Condition Apply

Who can wear Ruby

Ruby Gemstone can be worn by Leo person. Libra and Aquarius can also wear it. Condition Apply

Wearing with Other Stones

You should never wear two stones together in a one finger. Plus Ruby should not be worn with Blue Sapphire.Condition Apply

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