Marriage Muhurat 2018 | Shubh Muhurat For Marriage 2018

Marriage Muhurat 2018: Know Your Time

Marriage Muhurat 2018 can give you great power to make your marriage life wonderful in many sense.

Muhurat is basically a particular time period, which is just best for the concerned event.

Finding a muhurat , comes under the branch of Astrology.

Genuine Astrologer will analyse the ongoing transits of Planets and figure out the best possible time frame for the concerned native (In this case: best time for marriage).

Muhurat can be use in many ways :

  • Marriage.
  • Starting Business.
  • Laying the foundation stone (House).
  • Travelling.
  • Litigation purpose.
  • Entrance Exam/Interview.
  • Starting a Medicine or Operation.
  • Family Planning

Marriage is the biggest event in anyone’s life thus this Marriage Muhurat 2018 comes in priority.

Always remember one thing, Finding a Marriage Muhurat without the Kundli Matching is just an incomplete work.

The Correct way of finding the Auspicious/ Best time for marriage is to first make the two kundli’s matched, then go for the muhurat as per the both kundli’s parameters.

These days , people are just searching for best time for marriage or Marriage Muhurat 2018 and fix the event without doing the kundli match.It’s Wrong !

Muhurat is Nothing but the Time Slot of Partcular Planet / Nakshtra /Rashi.

Auspicious Dates in 2018:

As we are near to October End, So here i am providing you the details of best time for marriage / marriage muhurat 2018 from October to December.

Month  Marriage Muhurat 2018 Dates
October No Dates
November 18 , 19 & 25
December 2,3,8,9,10

As you must have visited and searched many websites before coming to DsK Astrology and noticed the difference in Muhurat Dates.

DsK Astrology, Analyse the Gochar (Transit) manually and then upload the date on our website for the welfare of our esteemed visitors whereas other portals/websites uses software and create duplicate or generalized contents.

So if you are planning to get married this year and you are not getting a Muhurat Date in 2018, then you must go for Kundli Matching first and if it’s there in your horoscope then we shall definitely give you a date for your beautiful marriage.

If you want to find out the Muhurat for Any Other Event Except Marriage then you can write us at

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