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WhatsApp astrology for Handwritten Authentic Reports

WhatsApp astrology or astrology consultation on whatsapp service is the most easiest and convient way of consultancy.

This (whatsapp) famous messaging app is now become a prime medium for any type of conversation. Hence astrology on whatsapp becomes easy for interacting with astrologer.

Whether it is official or unofficial , every one loves the WhatsApp.

In DsK Astrology, We thought to utilize this medium for our customer base,as many people doesn’t like crossing the emails. For them whatsapp astrology is best solution.

We want to wipe out the complexity of email, so we offered WhatsApp consultation process.

In this process , you can directly pay the consultation fee and start charting or calling. No need to go website for fees deposit.

Just Message us regarding the problem, we will guide you there for whole process in a minute.

It’s as easy as eating the cut fruits.

Following are the services you can opt via WhatsApp or by Website,Though we will add more services in future too.

  1. Career Consultation
  2. Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching
  3. Past Life Astrology
  4. Present Life Astrology | Full Life Prediction
  5. Medical Astrology | Health issues in Life
  6. BTR | Birth Time Rectification
  7. Naamkaran | Naming Newborn
  8. Black Magic Removal -Solution
  9. Ask Astrologer Service
  10. Free Gemstone Recommendation
  11. Free Article
  12. Free Horoscope matching
  13. Free Horoscope Reading
  14. Amavasya or Purnima Birth Related Info

let us know your problems or doubt, we will definitely love to solve your problems with the help of Vedic Astrology.

WhatsApp DsK Astrology