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Career Consultation

Career Consultation is one of most talked Astrology service on the internet.

We are in such a paced time, where we really don’t have the time to waste for any career that is not in my destiny or fate.

Running behind the jobs ,if you destined to do a BUSINESS makes no sense.

Similarly Trying hard to settle the business when your fate has a call for Simple JOB makes no profit.

This Online Astrology consultation will help you to understand your fate/destiny.

You can choose any way to consult astrologer online for Career Consultation which are:


On Phone Call

WhatsApp Chats


Marriage Match Making is very tough services in terms of Predictions.

Because most of time, parents of the couples doesn’t have the correct birth time.

Which makes it a lot harder to predict , because error in birth seconds can alter complete prediction.

In India, people mostly goes to Temple Priest ( Mandir Pandit) to get analyse their offspring’s kundli or birth chart.

First of all, we must know that Pandits and  are two different terms.

Pandit can be an Astrologer or can be a simple pandit who does karmkaand.

Above all in India, almost 90% pandits are simple pandits therefore expecting them as an astrologer is a big mistake.

Marriage Match Making or Kundli matching is therefore a sole work of True Astrologer. (You Can Must this Article on Manglik Dosh)

Kundli matching is primarily done on the basis of Ashtkoot Gun Milaan technique though there are many other ways of matching too.

During Marriage Match Making Service, we take special care of Nadi DoshMilaan and Bhakoot Milaan, Because when you do the free online matching or software based Kundli Matching, this points are missing in terms of their possible cancellation.

This cancellation is huge process, because we need to make many Divisional charts(Vargas D9,D60) of Prime Chart(D1).

Astrologers who knows about this cancellation technique has not revealed it to anyone , therefore there is no software made till now based on this algorithm.

So i recommend not to trust on Free or Software based Kundli matching rather go for Genuine Astrologer.

We are always open to help you out in this matter if you don’t know any genuine astrologer. so consult astrologer online now


Importance for life

Medical Astrology is the branch of Actual Vedic Astrology.

Where we deals with the medical segment for human life. As Health is the first wealth for any person,so we must give first importance to our physical body which means healthy life.

Through this Health Prediction, we can know the health issues that may come in life.

We all know , we can not avoid happening fully but definitely through Medical Astrology , we can make our self competent to deal with such situation strongly.

Health Prediction gives you chance to evolve your life above the depression of unhealthy life.

Medical Astrology also gives you the name of the those Plants or Tree,

which if you grows inside your home circumference, therefore will give you most benefit  in terms of health.

Health Prediction Report helps us many in a ways which are as follow:

  • We can know the time slot for particular health issue.
  • It’s noteworthy, that it will allow us to know what our density wants and likewise we can opt Ayurveda,Allopathy or Homeopathy for our health issue.
  • Sometimes, we think by seeing near people congested by chronic disease like diabetes , BP etc but through medical astrology , we can rule out the fear of  these chronic disease by knowing the probabilities.
  • It gives us immense strength (in case we have some chronic disease),certainly you will live life beautifully.

Medical Astrology is having two options 

– For 1 Year.

-For Life Time.

First option of Medical Astrology Consultation ,will give you access to the report depicting the results related to health issues that may happen within coming 1 year.

Chronic disease analysis is not there in the consultations. Mode of Consultation : Email only

Second Option of Medical Astrology consultation, will give you full fledged report of any disease that may happen to you in your whole life journey.

You can have telephonic consultation with DsK Regarding this Medical Astrology Consultation(Second Option).as a result you will get to know every tiny complications that are associated with your Grahas or Stars.

this is the best way to consult astrologer online.

Mode of Consultation : Email, Chat and Telephonic.

Health Prediction Medical Astrology
Health Prediction Medical Astrology

Our family and life doesn’t get completed without the kids in our life. These kids are our real wealth in this life. Without the kids, we can not have real happiness in life.

Sometimes, we have some dosha in our kundli which restrains the coming of child in our life. These dosha are our last birth deeds and we need to channelize this doshas in this birth in order to remove all the obstacles regarding childbirth.

Hence, we need to analyse the deep level of our kundli stars so that we can conclude which remedy to follow for the penance.

this consultation will show you the real path for childbirth. So consult astrologer online now…

Child Birth Problem Consultation

Apart from above consultation services, we have many others services as well. Consult Astrologer online for…

– vaastu for home – office

-Namkaran of newborn

-naming for new business

-timing for buying property/vehicle

-timing for abroad settlement

-choose between job or business

-love or arrange marriage

-government service or private service

-Legal conflicts win or loss

-Divorce or second marriage

and many more…