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Horoscope Matching​

KundliMatching – HoroscopeMatching is getting Vital Day by Day. Because these days Divorces or Separations are happening more than marriages.Marriage Match Making is Technique or God’s Way to know the Future life as far as marriage is concern. Through Horoscope Matching we can know the quality of future spouse hence we can stop getting hitched to that people who’s traits are different from our spouse’s traits.

We can save lot of our humiliations and troubles in life by marrying to right person. Even those who are in Love/Living Relationship , they too goes for Kundli Milan for their marriages. Because Marriage Relationship is different than any other relationship.

Kundli Matching is also Important because through horoscope matching we can know the status of Manglik Dosh in our kundli. I have explained some of the key points of Manglik dosh in the Below Video from DsK Astrology Youtube Channel.

Astrologer – DsK , has written a books on Kundli Milan in a very layman terms for self evaluation but we always recommend to get your horoscope matched through genuine astrologer than do it our self. Because self evaluation is prohibited in Vedic Jyotish and if you do , you will end up-to Wrong Prediction for yourself.

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Key points of Ashtkoot Gun Milaan

In Astrology Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching is based upon 8 matching factors. These 8 factors are known as Asht (8) Koot (Parameter) Gun Milaan. This is the best way to judge our marriage and married life with someone. Let me explain you bit about every koot.

  • Ashtkoot Varna – It tells you about the person’s behaviour when it comes to dealing with others.
  • Ashtkoot Vashya – It gives the value regarding the Mutual Attraction between the couple. This Point shows how your spouse will treat you in bad phase.
  • Ashtkoot Tara – It tells you about the Temperament in the marriage by each one.
  • Ashtkoot Yoni – It shows whether your source of existence is in equilibrium to the source of birth for your spouse.
  • Ashkoot Graha Maitri – It  will gives an idea about how your all 7 Grahas will feel with your spouse Grahas. Are they in Enmity or  friendship in totality.
  • Ashtkoot Gana – It depicts your interacting behavior towards each  other and to family members of both side.
  • Ashtkoot Bhakoot -It means bartering in your conjugal life. In marriage you shares or exchanges many things with your spouse like love, emotions, troubles, pains etc. this is your Bhakoot.
  • Ashtkoot Nadi – This Point is very crucial in life because it directly affects your Nadi which is in turn is associated with physical well being.