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    Dhara RanaDhara Rana

    I would like to know when I would be getting married and what my partner would be like. I haven’t been able to find a stable partner in all these years and nothing works out after a month.

    Birth details:
    DOB: May 3, 1991 18:50
    Surat, Gujarat

    Thank you.



    You have strong dosha on the 7th house which is also known as the Marriage house. So you need to channelize the dosha in order to fulfill your desire for marriage & future stable married life. Remember you have divorce dosha as well so remedies are a must in order to control it. The time for marriage is from Jan 2023 onward. Get in touch with the team for proper remedies consultation. You can take your remedies on WhatsApp 9463334040.

    Dhara RanaDhara Rana

    Thank you 🙏

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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