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    Hello, my dob is 14 January 2002 kalamata,Greece 12:10pm.i have scoliosis over a decade and unfortunately right now it’s worse in past it was better in degrees my body is different rib in back stick out and hips are completely different one is hourglass figure and the other like square, I can’t with this thing anymore it has destroyed my childhood my family doesn’t want it too obviously and I can’t wear anything its not that big 35 degrees I hope in the worst until 40 I don’t know exactly but it’s thoracolumbar, why I have this problem which planet cause the problem and how do I solve it without surgery I have a lot ideas like chiropractor etc.. not only this, will it get better in this way? What do you see? Any remedy, mantra or anything else to do please I’m very sad about this, thank you



    It’s because of your doshas and pending karmas of your previous birth. 6th house is highly active due to this only you are suffering this long. You would need our 3 step remedies for better health in the future. Please get in touch with the team and we will make you proceed with remedies procedures. You can WhatsApp them on +91 9463334040.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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