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Jupiter Transit 2019 | Guru Gochar 2019

Jupiter transit 2019 or you can say “Guru Gochar 2019” is going to be very important for all the rashi or kundli.

This is because it is going to be in the birth sign/rashi of “Jupiter” itself – “The Sagittarius – Dhanu”.

Date of transit – 5 November 2019.

Time of Transit – Early Morning 2:32 AM.

The mighty Jupiter is the most auspicious planet in entire Jyotish/Astrology. The one of the many reasons is the highest number of benefic points in the Ashtakvarga system. Jupiter can owns 56 points out of 337 in ashtakvarga.

Guru own two rashi or signs in astrology and these are “Sagittarius and Pisces”. Sagittarius comes at number 9 and pisces comes at 12th position in the zodiac circle.

It rules the three nakshatra viz Punarvasu , Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra in the Vimshottri Dasa System of Vedic astrology.

The exalted rashi for jupiter is “Cancer” ruled by “Moon – Chandra” and Debiliated rashi is “Capricorn” ruled by “Saturn – Sani”.

Quality of Jupiter as per the BPHS “Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra” – Jupiter is having very large body, honey coloured eyes, tawny hair and phlegmatic constituent. It is endowed with intelligence and is learned in all the Shastras.

During the course of this Jupiter transit 2019 | Guru Gochar 2019, it will go forth to capricorn rashi as well.

Jupiter will transit to Capricorn (Makar) from sagittarius (Dhanu) on 30th March 2020 at 00:13 A.M.

Again back to Sagittarius (Dhanu) from Capricorn (Makar) on 30 June 2020 at 08:00 A.M.

Finally this Jupiter transit 2019 will end to capricorn on 20th November 2020 at 10:30 A.M.

Nakshatra’s that will be covered during this guru gochar 2019 will be Moola – Nakshatra of Ketu, Purva Asadh – Nakshatra of Venus (Shukra) and Uttara Asadh – Nakshatra of Sun (Surya).

Date of Transit in these Nakshatras’

 From Jyestha to Moola – 5th  November 2019 at 02:32 A.M.

Moola to Purva Asadh – 4th January 2020 at 1:50 P.M

 Purva Asadh to Uttara Asadh – 8th March 2020 at 03:12 A.M.

 Uttara Asadh to Purva Asadh ( Retrograde/Vakri) – 26 July 2010 at 5:47 P.M.

Purva Asadh to Uttara Asadh (Direct / Margi) – 30 October 2020 at 09:35 A.M.

After this , the jupiter will remain in this Nakshatra till 7 January 2021 at 01:17 A.M.

In this jupiter transit 2019-2020 | Guru Gochar 2019-2020 , Jupiter will go retrograde too, which means it will change its direction of motion.

During retrograde, every planets becomes more closer to the earth. This makes the planet more impactful in the native’s life.

Jupiter Retrograde | Guru Vakri 2020 – 14th May 2020 at 08:01 A.M.

Jupiter becomes Direct | Guru Margi 2020 – 13th September 2020 at 06:11 A.M.

 When a planet comes close to sun , it becomes combust or simple say “Asta”. So, Jupiter is going to be combust |Asta on 

 17th December 2019  and it will be out from sun’s impact on 11th January 2020. During this Jupiter Combust |Asta | Tara Doobna, you should not perform any religious or pious event like marriage. This is because “Jupiter – Guru” is the karaka for divine blessings and overall happiness in life and during the combustion process it remains weak /unfavourable.

 Below are th general results which you will get due to the Jupiter Transit 2019-2020 | Guru Gochar 2019-2020. These results are based upon the rashi and bhav being activated by transit jupiter during its course.

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Aries Sign – Mesh Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Aries Mesh Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over the 9th house for natives having Aries as their ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 9th  and 12th house. Transiting Jupiter is having its aspect on 1st, 3rd and 5th houses. This is a very good position for Jupiter. This transit will give you positive results and positive direction to move ahead in life. If you are in a job then your long due pro motion could be yours for taking, you will be suitably rewarded and praised. Associates and colleagues will be favorably disposed towards you. People running their own business will find that results are coming much to thei r satisfaction. Profits will increase and plans will fall in to place. Help from all quarters will pour in and surprise you pleasantly. Overall it will be a strong financial period for you and career growth will be smooth and effortless. Jupiter’s aspect on 5th house will be beneficial of all things related to 5th whether it be happiness from children or increase in creativity, love, amusement/entertainment, progeny, speculation etc. You may have opportunities for extensive traveling , for learning and also for teaching others in either formal or an informal setting. As ninth house is the house of publishing and other communications media that reach the world at large if you are in this line then expect good gains. Along with the possibility of travel to foreign countries, there is also the likelihood that you will become incr easingly involved with foreign persons or lands either in your business or in yo ur personal life.

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Taurus Sign – Vrishabh Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Taurus Vrishabh Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 8th house for natives having Taurus as their Ascendant . For these natives Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th houses of their horoscope. According to ancient hindu astrological texts available this transit will give malefic results to Taurus ascendants. The natives could face obstacles and hitch in their career and financial pursuits. Desired and expected result will elude you and give you enough of heart aches in Career related matters. You may face sudd en and unexpected hindrances while achieving and striving for your goals. Stay a way from potentially risky ventures if you are running a business. Speculative a ctivities should be curbed and avoided at all costs. People who are working/in jobs/service may not get the desired results for their hardwork. If you are expecting elevation or promotion in your career , then you may find the going not to your liking and your cherished wish may have to wait. Natives running their business in partnership could experience difficulties and feel that undesired misunderstanding between them and their partner(s) are crop ping up giving rise to argumentative situation. Health could also be a cause for concern. Saving grace is that religious and spiritual activities could help you coming out of this situation to some extent. Being a benefic Jupiter will give it s grace even when it is not very good for you this year.

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Gemini Sign – Mithun Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Gemini Mithun Rashi)


Jupiter is transiting over 7th house for natives having Gemini as their Ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 7th and 10th houses of their horoscope. According to ancient Hindu astrological texts available this transit will give a uspicious results to Gemini ascendants. People who are expecting marriage should get a good match and proposals for their happy married life. If you are married then expect happiness and contentment and good married life. This transit indic ates success in almost every sphere for you. Whether you are running your busine ss or working for someone this transit will be good for you. If you are in a job then chances of up gradation/elevation in position or long due promotion is ent irely possible. You d be appreciated for your hard work at office, your relations with superiors a nd colleagues will improve and your over all position at work should be strength ened. In case you are running your own business, then there are chances you d get new deals and gains in your undertakings this year. Profit will be in abundance. In case you wish to launch new projects or enter into joint ventures then this transit will provide you all this and more. This is also a good transit for high er study and educational pursuits. Students should expect success in exams, comp etitions. As far as health issues are concerned this transit indicates no signif icant adverse effects in your health situation.

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Cancer Sign – Kark Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Cancer Karak Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 6th house for natives having Cancer as their Ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 6th and 9th houses of their horoscope. This is not going to be a very good transit for you. In fact this is going to be an average transit for you. Saving grace is the aspect of Jupiter on your 10th, 12th and 2nd houses which will give you some much needed relief in this year. If you are running your own business then expect hindrances and obstacles in achieving your goals. Results would be hard to come by and that too after great amount of efforts. You should not enter in to new ventures as results won’t be visible for you. People who are in jobs may find the going to be tough as the atmosphere at work may not be very conducive and to their liking. If you are expecting promotion then it may get delayed and if you are expecting a raise in financial emoluments t hen you could get far less than what you expected. Sudden transfer to unwanted d estination could happen. Due to aspect on 10th house the adverse affects could b e toned down professionally but still you should be ready for less than the usual results. Separation from loved ones is possible for long durations. Your relationship with your spouse and other family members may not be up to the mark and chances of bickering and misunderstanding are there. Health could give you some problems and you need to be careful about your health in this transit. Students should expect success after putting in hard work. In absence of any lo gical plan for preparation the results won t be Achievable.

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Leo Sign – Simha Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Leo Simha Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 5th house for natives having Leo as their Ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th houses of their horoscope. This position of transit is considered to be good and this is going to be an auspicious transit for you. Transiting Jupiter s aspect on 9th , 11th and 1st houses a lso promises good results to you. This transit promises gains and fulfillment of desires connected to profession and family life. Your social contacts would inc rease and you d be able to derive maximum benefits from them. Whether you are in job or running your own business gains in finances are visibl e and over all career and financial enhancement is assured in this transit. Stud ents irrespective of whether they are preparing for junior classes or for their higher professional examinations results will be encouraging for you. This trans it will also bestow it s good effects on marital/love relations. It is also a good time for making investments and buying property. Speculation in moderate terms may also give gains to you. All your wishes could get fulfilled in this transit.

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Virgo Sign – Kanya Rash (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Virgo Kanya Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 4th house for natives having Virgo as their Ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 4th and 7th houses of their horoscope. This is going to be a mixed transit for Virgo Ascendants. Transiting Jupiter will aspect on 8th , 10th and 12th houses also and affect these houses. You may find that your mother may get ill or have sluggish health in this year. You may get few p roblems over real estate/property issues. Health may give you a few causes for concern so watch your health in this period and avoid stress. You may also experience some tensions in your family life. People who are in job may experience difficulties at work but your hard work and persistent efforts w ill ultimately provide you with satisfactory results in the end. Those who are r unning their own business should not think in terms of expansion or new projects . It d be better if they d take care of the existing setup and work hard towards get ting the desired results. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. Overall the gains won t c ommensurate with the intensity of efforts put in by you.
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Libra Sign – Tula Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Libra Tula Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 3rd house for natives having Libra as their Ascendant . For these natives Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 6th houses of their horoscope. Th is is going to be a mixed transit for Libra Ascendants. By virtue of transiting Jupiter s aspect on 7th , 9th and 11th houses Virgo natives will have good fortune of benefits of these houses. You may have increased contacts with people around you. Extended traveling is quite possible during this transit even you may not greatly be benefited but would come out to be with more understanding of the wor ldly matters. Your relationships with your brothers, sisters, cousins etc could be better and pleasant and there are even indications that you may get benefited financially f rom them. This transit could open your mind and evolve your thinking in terms of larger perspective. You d unshackle the limitations set by your mind and come out of it stronger. In terms of communication you could be more frank and clear. Yo u may experience a few hiccups, problems in Career/Financial matters. You may be asked to shoulder more responsibilities at work , but in the ultimate analysis it will help you if you d be willing to share the extra load. People running the business could find their profits slow to come by and not comparable to the efforts they would be putting, but don’t let all this to stop you from realizing your goals as the success will come albeit after hard efforts. Use of intelligence and judicious policies could give you the desired results. There is no indication of any major health issues in this transit. Students will perform well if they would be willing to concentrate and respect their time. If they respect their time and put hard work on their study then the time will respect them back and reward them.
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Scorpio Sign – Vrishchik Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over 2nd house for natives having Scorpio as their Ascendant . For these natives Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 5th houses of their horoscope. In Astrology 2nd house indicates about monetary position and family. This is also known as house of moveable possessions owned by a native. It also shows your abi lity to handle money and earning power. It is also known as the house of eloquence of speech. Jupiter is karak or significator of 2nd house. If you would be clear and focused about your goals then there are indications of monetary gains in this transit. Your ability to earn will be tested in this transit and subject to what you want and how much you want this transit will help you in achieving your financial goals. This is going to be a good period for investing money with a little bit of restraint and also to buy possessions/goods for enjoyment and investment both. In this transit you would have cordial relations with family members. Indications of benefits from friends and associates would be there. If unmarried there are chanc es of marriage in the near future. Gains in career are indicated in this transit . Health will be normal though there are chances of a few instances of sluggish health, but things won t go out of control at any time. It is a good time for comp etitive preparation for students.

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Sagittarius Sign – Dhanu Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over the ascendant for natives having Sagittarius as their ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 1st and 4th houses. Transiting Jupiter will be having it’s aspect on 5th, 7th and 9th houses which are considered to be good aspects of Jupiter, so inspite of not so favorable transit for Sagittarius Ascendants the over all results could be fair to medium in over all context and analysis. You could face a few obstacles in your career and other activities , but in the end with your hard work and intelligence you d be able to achieve satisf actory results. Unexpected and unplanned expenditure could upset your over all planning , but the expenditure won t be on worthless objectives. Money won’t be staying with you. It will come and go and expenditure could be more than the income. You may be asked to shoulder extra responsibilities at work an d if expecting promotion or upgradation then you may have to wait for longer than expected. Chances of transfer are also there but unwanted as you may not like the place where you could be transferred. Take care not to lose heart and confidence as things aren’t so bad as you might be thinking as Jupiter has a way to compensate in one way or the other. You would be getting happiness from children , spouse and elders due to benefic aspect of transiting Jupiter on your 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Wedding bells could ring for the eligible bachelors.

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Capricorn Sign – Makar Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Capricorn Makar Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over the 12th house for natives having capricorn as their ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 12th and 3rd houses. Jupiter’s transit over 12th house is not very good and has mixed implications. This transit may give sudden and heavy expenditure, sources of income could dwindle and maintaining the income inflow could be a constant source of worry. You may not also b e able to plan your expenditure properly. At work you could be loaded with work and extra work pressure and dead lines which may give you unwanted tensions. You r superiors may expect a lot from you and you could find it hard to meet their expectations. You need to keep a check on your emotions and try not to get in to any arguments /disputes at work or in your social circle as it may backfire up on you and give you adverse results. This transit will give you opportunity to learn a great de al about religious and spiritual dimensions of life. You could also see and meet your real inner self in this transit. This transit will dilute your ego and bring you at level with your inner hidden self. During this period it is possible that you may meet a guru or a teacher or some one who may teach you life lessons. So after all this transit may not be as bad for you as it may seem to you. Some times spiritual gains are more important than any amount of material gains.

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Aquarius Sign – Kumbh Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Aquarius Kumbh Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over the 11th house for natives having Capricorn as their ascendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 11th houses. This is a very good transit and should give you the desired results in almost all spheres of your life. 11th house is considered as prime house of gains, fulfillment of wishes/desires etc. During this transit expect sudden and unexpected gains. Your confidence level could be at its peak and any work undertaken will give you the desired benefits. At work you would be much appreciated and if expecting promotion or increase in pay/salary then success is yours as it is going to happen for you. People undertaking their business pursuits should expect gains all around and ex pansion and gains in projects are very likely. This is a good period for Career and financial gains for all. You d get favorable response from superiors and peopl e in higher authority. Your social standing will be on increase and your fame an d name will grow steadily. Students should expect good results with minimum effo rts and their concentration level could be higher than usual. Health will be exc ellent and happiness from elders and children will be there for the taking. Your friends will help you considerably and in fact you may be surprised as to how m uch support you d get from friends and acquaintances.

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Pisces Sign – Meen Rashi (Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions for Pisces Meen Rashi)

Jupiter is transiting over the 10th house for natives having Pisces as their a scendant. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 1st and 10th houses. Jupiter’s transit over 10th house is mixed in giving results, though 10th house transit is not considered good but its aspect on 2nd is going to be the balancing factor and will provide relief to Pisces ascendants as far as family and financial aspects are concerned. At work you could face some obstacles whether in service or in business , but you would be at all times will be in control of the situation and be able to over come the obstacles and derive the desired results. Transfer is possible for people in job and natives running their business could expect slight delays in new projects and slow growth in existing business. You would get help from people from authority. Expect hostility and negative attitude from associates or people living near where you work or live, but you d overcome all th is with ease , even if it means constant mental tension, but the good part is th at they won t be able to harm you in any way. Tension in married and personal life is indicated so you need to take care of your personal life and make sure that your professional life should not hijack your personal life. Try to devote some more time to your own growth and enhancing personal and social relations. This transit could inflate your ego and in turn could make you arrogant so try to check your aggressiveness as it may become overbearing for some a nd harm you in long run. You may have to travel a lot in connection with your work. For people working or in business it is entirely possible that you may change your area of work or profession. Students should expect normal results and that too with hard efforts. 

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Written by Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha