IPL Predictions 2021

IPL Prediction 2021 – Are you Ready guys for Hintbaba?

We at DsK Astrology, give IPL Predictions ( Ipl prediction 2021) based upon the 9 factors Scheme. This 9 factor is developed by “Acharya Deepanshu – Astrologer DsK” after researching several factors right from the start. The year 2020 was the first time when Acharya Ji has applied his completed research on IPL Predictions ( Ipl prediction 2021) and gave lots of Good Predictions ( Above 81%).

He gives two types of PredictionsOne is Free for all based on 7 Factors, which he says is incomplete but not wrong. These kinds of predictions were given on Youtube Channel – DsK Astrology. These can be right or wrong depending upon the factors at the 8th & 9th level ( if 8th & 9th level factors are complimenting the 7 factors then prediction goes right else become opposite). The second one is Paid, which is based upon the 9 factors and he says it has a success rate of above 90%. This is a very high success rate in terms of astrology prediction.

The best part of Paid Prediction ( 9 Factor Scheme) is The Fee was Refundable, which means if your 9 factors become wrong then you will get the whole fee refunded on the spot through UPI. But this was rarest in the full series matches. The fee was titled for Rs 9999 (Refundable) and Match Toss Fee was titled for Rs 7200 (Refundable). It means it was like a win-win situation for the clients because for the wrong prediction (which rarely happens in DsK Astrology) we refund the money on the spot.

For people, who doesn’t want to go for paid service, they usually get “Hints by Hintbaba” based on 9 factor on his Personal Instagram & Twitter Account ( search for hintbaba or DsK Astrology). He is popular for his tag #hintbaba, which you can even search on both platforms.

We at DsK Astrology are ready for IPL Prediction ( Ipl prediction 2021) for the year 2021. We will also try to keep the same price range but we can not confirm the same.

Note – We don’t Support Gambling nor we are indulged in it. We give Prediction based on a person’s horoscope only. If you are not in good financial condition then you should not go for IPL prediction ( Ipl prediction 2021) rather you should first go for remedies of your horoscope dosha. So that your star can become strong for financial gains.

You can purchase the IPL predictions by messaging us on Whatsapp

In horoscope prediction or kundli prediction, we analyse your real birth chart or stars which is based upon your Birth details but in 9 factors we combine some of the factors from ancient astrology ( people uses at the time of Mahabharat) along with your stars. This is because for game prediction we can not make any kundli. So, personal horoscope prediction is always 100% as compared to game prediction which is above 90% only.

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