Detailed Birth Chart Reading

Detailed BirthChart Reading is Important – WHY?

It is a service that will give you the horoscope prediction for a future time in order to make your life more impactful. This prediction report will be helpful during your doubts or hard times because you know why is it coming to your life and how you can channelize this problem/doubt in your life.

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Services :

  1. Career Consultation
  2. Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching
  3. Present Life Prediction
  4. Past Life Astrology
  5. Medical Astrology | Health Prediction
  6. BTR | Birth Time Rectification
  7. Naamkaran | Naming Newborn
  8. Shani – Sade Sati Consultation ( Rs500 per Question ) Paytm Transfer
  9. Shani – Sade Sati Consultation ( Rs1800 including Max 5 Questions + Remedy ) For Paytm Transfer Click Here.
  10. Ask Any Question- Short Service ( 150 – 250 Words) – Just Rs 270
  11. Any Two Questions – Short Service ( 150 – 300 Words) – Just Rs 499 ( Most Selling) –
  12. Talk to Good Astrologer
  13. Gemstone Recommendation
  14. Black Magic Analysis

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Ask astrologer
Ask astrologer
Ask astrologer
Key Points of Astrological Report
  • Astrological Answer delivered in 72hrs.
  • Unmatched Accuracy.
  • Written by Real life Astrologer – No Computerised Reports.
  • Prediction by Celebrity Astrologer DsK.
  • Simple Layman Explaination.
  • Easy Effective Remedies
  • Whatsapp conversation for easy communications
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Detailed Birth Chart Reading will guide you for the coming new year 2020. This report will tell you everything about your coming time like career, marriage, finance and health. Moreover, it will also give you important, easy and effective remedies for subduing the power of your malefic doshas. This report will be a good start for the new year because if you know your time before hand then you can plan your life more efficiently.

Detailed Birth Chart Reading will give you idea about your Rising Sign and Moon Sign along with your current and future dasa.

You can also send us your specific questions which you want to adress in this report. we will answer that questions as well.

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Ask astrologer

For Detailed Birthchart readingAsk Our Astrologer who are well trained by Celebrity Astrologer Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha (Acharya Deepanshu). This detailed chart report service is cost effective equipped with easy to do remedies for subduing the malefic impacts of stars on the life.

Astrology questions – answers are the most efficient way to understand the ongoing situation of life or even it can guide to your better future. The detailed birth chart reading will be like guide or mentor for you.

Free Astrology Question service which other websites gives is just a feed for heavy- costly remedial services but here in DsK Astrology, we don’t cater such practices of fooling people.

Many people come to us and says other websites are offering “ask astrology free one questions” why you don’t give us one. We say “we are doing authentic jyotish” by guiding the people correctly unlike others.

You an ask astrologer regarding anything of your life as we covers almost every aspect of life. 

We are astrology question and answer online service with most competitive price range.

Your all horoscope questions will be addressed with utmost care and your details will always be secret with us.

Life is for once and if we have some doubts or confusions then its our duty to clear such skeptic situation by asking question to astrologer online

Ask astrologer
  • Career Consultation.
  • Marriage Match Making | Kundli Matching.
  • Present Life Prediction.
  • Past Life Astrology.
  • Medical Astrology | Health Prediction.
  • BTR | Birth Time Rectification.
  • Naamkaran | Naming Newborn.
  • Shani – Sade Sati Consultation.
  • Jupiter/Guru Transit/Gochar Prediction 2019-2020.
  • Shani/Saturn Gochar/Transit Prediction 2020-2023

If you have particular question in your life like regarding career growth or marriage problem then also you can choose this option for detailed analysis for that particular aspect of your life.

Detailed BirthChart Reading